Fresh Graduate Advantages

Fresh graduates are often thought that they are in a disadvantaged position in finding a good job. They do not have the necessary experience to know how to work with the industry. If they do have the knowledge, it is only through internship and volunteerism.

These experiences may have taught them the operations but they are not experiencing the pressure paid employees have to go through. Oftentimes, fresh graduates do not have enough education. All they can write in their resumes is that they have a bachelors degree and was able to ace some of their subjects.

But there are companies that prefer fresh graduates. Although they are rare, they do exist. They have an entirely different outlook on fresh graduates which is actually true and should be considered by other companies as well.


One of the main characteristics of a fresh graduate is aggressiveness. Since they know they do not have much to back up their claims of being efficient and productive at work, they become more aggressive in doing the tasks assigned to them. Even though they are faced with challenges, they will do everything in their power and position in order to get the job done. They have to do this or else they will not be able to excel in the industry they are working for.

Calculated Risks

Aside from being aggressive, they are also well known to be risky in terms of doing tasks. Even though their backs are against the wall, they will try to do things asked for them and wish, against all odds, to be productive.

Being risky is often thought as a bad thing by experienced individuals since they know they might end up being inefficient. But the fresh graduate would not go with this thinking since they are fresh graduates and they do not have anything to lose except that they just have to start over in their task.


Being creative is also a distinct behavior of fresh graduates. Those who are already with the industry for sometime are often content with the fact that they already have specific processes that will work. A fresh graduate knows this but they may have another alternative that could increase productivity.

Added to their ability to take risks, they will be able to implement different and highly creative solutions to different problems. They might end up failing but the company knows another option that could be viable, with a few changes, in the future.

Negotiated Salary

A person with experience will often demand a higher salary when compared to a fresh graduate. On the other hand, fresh graduates will not demand a bigger pay since they didn’t have anything to prove of their efficiency.

Some companies prefer fresh graduates since they do not have to spend extra thousands of dollars just to maintain the graduates. Besides, they already have the education to excel in the industry. They just need closer guidance to ensure they able to answer the different challenges that are only found in the company they are working for.

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