What is the necessity of SDLC?

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is observed by different website and software developers all over the world. However, there’s always a question of the need to implement this type of planning. We all know that SDLC could help us answer specific needs of different users. That is a given. But could that problem be answered when you are already familiar with that specific difficulty? In-house developers could even create the software on their own without consultation to users since they are also part of the user group and has a clear understand of what is needed. Clearly, SDLC is not needed to create a software in this environment.

If that is the case, why do we need to have a carefully mapped SDLC?

To answer this question, we take a look at the advantages and disadvantages if developers will not observe a certain SDLC model. On the other hand, we’ll also take a look on the advantage and disadvantages of SDLC. This way we’ll be able to take a look at the important of having a properly implemented SDLC model in creating a software or an online service.

Advantage of Developing Programs with No SDLC Model

One clear advantage of developing programs with no SDLC model followed is time. Although there are SDLC models that could cater to strict time pressures, program development is faster when programmers come together to create the workflow instead of going through a lot of user inputs and requirements. Developers will just create a good workflow and choose the preferred language. Each of the developer will just choose what part they’ll be working on and combine them once they are formed. As we have already indicated, in house developers don’t need to go around asking questions since they already know what they need.

Another advantage is a clear purpose on why is the software created. Developers will just have to work on the problem and create a solution based on the need. SDLC will have so many people involve there is a tendency that the real purpose of creating the software will be compromised.

Disadvantage of Developing Programs with No SDLC Mode

Lack of proper documentation is one of the reasons why a program with no SDLC model is undesirable. There’s no problem in the implementation of software but with no SDLC, there are no documentations to support the development of the program. Programmers could create their own documentation, but this is only for the program and nothing else. The philosophy, studies on why it should work; development and troubleshooting are parts of proper documentation which is outlined in SDLC. A program that has no SDLC cannot be duplicated if there’s a documentation that identifies the answer.

Another disadvantage of developers who don’t follow SDLC is the inability to handle programs with complex needs. In house developers may be able to force themselves to create programs but the larger picture is missed. In a business world, developers have to work with business managers and there are certain needs that should be properly outlined.

Disadvantage of Programs/Websites with SDLC Model

Thinking about the disadvantages of a SDLC model is like looking for a needle in the haystack. But the closest disadvantage anyone could think of SDLC is the difference between what is written in paper and what is actually implemented. There are things that are happening in the actual work that the paper doesn’t see. This gives a good impression for the clients especially for 3rd party developers but when the software is actually launched it’s on a very bad situation. The actual situation of software development could be covered by fancy paperwork of SDLC.

Another disadvantage of a program or software that follows the SDLC program is it encourages stiff implementation instead of pushing for creativity in different software. Although there are SDLC models where programmers could apply their creative juices, it’s always in the realm of what is needed instead of freely implementing what the developers think of necessary in the present environment. There are so many things that could be done by developers if there are no boundaries or limitations in what should be developed.

Advantages of Programs/Websites built using SDLC Model

With an SDLC Model, developers will have a clear idea on what should be or shouldn’t be built. Since they already have an idea on the problems that should be answered, a detailed plan could be created following a certain SDLC model. With an SDLC model, developers could even create a program that will answer different problems at the same time. Since everything will be laid out before a single code is written, the goal is clear and could be implemented on time. Although there is a great possibility of deviation from the plan, a good project manager will take care of that concern.

With an SDLC Model, programs built will have a clear documentation of development, structure and even coding. In case there are problems once the program is adopted for public use, developers will always have the documentation to refer to when they need to look for any loopholes. Instead of testing it over and over again which will stop the implementation for a while, developers will just look at the documentation and perform proper maintenance program. This means SDLC will breathe more life to the program. Instead of frustrating developers in guesswork if something goes wrong, SDLC will make sure everything goes smoothly. It will also be a tool for maintenance, ensuring the program created will last for a long time.

Aside from longer lifespan of an SDLC modeled program, every created program could serve be used in another program. This ability to adapt to different programs is ensured through proper documentation. Since each step is properly documented, some parts could actually be used to create another program. An ideal SDLC model will have the proper documentation of every step and every part of the program that there’s a possibility of using the available structures for another program. This will lessen the time frame of development which is good for software development.

All this will lead to a better and more productive program. Since everything is laid out, developers will have more time to scrutinize the program for possible defects.


Without an SDLC Model to follow, developers can have a free hand of developing software. There are so many programs out there that were created with a vision of need instead of following a certain model. All they have is a workflow that servers as a model for building a program. However, development of these software doesn’t have a clear view and it will never be viable in any business model.

On the other hand SDLC will ensure everything is laid out. Businesses will have a clear idea of what will happen and what is expected from a software. Since SDLC models are created with a need or a problem in mind, it will either be a tool for a more productive business or could be sold online if there is a need.

As long as the laid out plans of SDLC are followed, the usability and success of the software is ensured. Maintenance and development of the software is also possible since parts could be possibly be reused in different programs.

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