Base Address of the String

What happens when we try to change the value of base address of the string? The base address of the sting takes a special place in the context of strings. This is because suing this base address onl...

How to define command line arguments

The main functions can have in it arguments passed which are called as command line arguments. The command line arguments are two in number which are namely: Argument count denoted by argc and Argume...

Importance of Header Files

What is the importance of header files? The main role of header file is it is used to share information among various files. In brief, if we have several functions say 4 functions named as f1, f2, f...

exit and return statements

How does the exit () and return () differ exit () is used to exit the program as a whole. In other words it returns control to the operating system.

Nonlocal Jump and Unconditional Jump

What is Nonlocal Jump and Unconditional Jump? longjmp() and setjmp() functions implement a nonlocal jump of program execution. "longjmp" jumps to a program state previously recorded by "setjmp".