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In the previous article, I talked about self-assessment and hopefully at this point, you are already well aware of your skills, interests, and personality. Also, mentioned last time was a very important point: you need to find a career that will match your skills, interests, and personality otherwise you could end up with a job in which you will not be able to excel. In this article, I will guide you in being able to list possible occupations that will fit you. Understand that there is no such thing as a “universal job” and people would differ in what they perceive as the best job for them.

Now that you have completed your self-assessment, it is time for you to go over these career classifications, and determine which of these would fit you better than the rest.

Technical Jobs : This type of occupation would be suitable for a person who prefers a career involving technical or functional tasks, such as the use of computers, computer hardware, machines, equipment, and others. If you like math and codes, and you enjoy analyzing and solving problems, and then a job as a programmer, engineer, or an accountant could be something that you would do well in.

Creative Jobs : This type of occupation involves using your creativity to be able to produce something, whether tangible or not. Developing new products and services, as well as coming up with innovative strategies will provide a sense of fulfillment to some people and if you belong to this group, you could excel in a job involving arts, media, and design such as being a graphic artist, fashion designer, or an interior designer.

Management Jobs : This type of occupation is best suited for people who have good managerial and organizational skills. If you are able to work well with other people, can work with minimum supervision, have initiative, confidence, and leadership qualities, you should build your career towards a management position. You could be a product or brand manager, project manager, or a retail manager.

Independent Jobs/Freelance Jobs : This type of occupation is recommended for people who prefer to work in their own pace. If you are the type of person who would like to work from home or simply be your own boss, then an independent or freelance job could be something you should consider. Independent jobs include contractors, consultants, doctors, and lawyers. Freelance jobs can be of any kind but the most in-demand occupations nowadays are those in the fields of IT, Communication, and Education.

Manual Labor Jobs : This type of occupation is for people who prefer to make use of their body, specifically their hands to perform their work. This is classified as an unskilled type of occupation, which are best suited for people who do not have a college degree but still want to land a well-paying job. Examples are: construction workers, plumbers, and carpenters.

Security-Related Jobs : This type of occupation is for individuals who have the desire to work in a job that is filled with risks and thrills. Generally, these risky jobs involve keeping people, property, and society safe and secure. If you are someone who has a passion to look after others, and is physically robust and strong, then you could do well in jobs such as a police officer, bodyguard, a private investigator, and even work in the Armed Forces.  There are other types of occupations not mentioned here, such as those in sales, marketing, and health care.

In order to take a step further to be able to land a job that is best suited for you, it is necessary to list down all possible occupations that you would like to go into. From there, evaluate your options by familiarizing yourself with the nature of the job, and consider the outcome of your self-assessment as one of the major deciding factors. In the next topic, I will talk about goal setting so that you can be on your way to carving out a successful career for yourself.

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