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In every businesses, communication is involved in almost every day of work life during meeting as well as during negotiations. Communication is the process by which you can effectively send across the information that is required to be conveyed.

Effective communication methods help in conveying the right message, thereby completing the business transaction in a successful manner. But not everyone possesses excellent communication skills, then how is it that one can excel in this mammoth task of conveying the right message? This was the need and aim with which communication methods were created. Communication can be of many types – oral and non-verbal communications are one of the oldest and most important types of them.

Oral communication and non-verbal forms of communication have their own advantages and benefits especially when they are direct forms of communication. Direct communication methods will help the sender combine both oral and non-verbal methods of communication. Such kind of mixed communication forms can help achieve maximum benefits in business or professional dealings.

When you meet someone face-to-face for a conversation, greet them with a handshake and smile. Such a kind of body language exhibited by a firm handshake and a gracious smile conveys to the listener that you are a trust worthy and friendly person. A straight and firm posture will help them feel comfortable as compared to a hunchback posture. So the first impression you make with your client or team can turn into your best when you handle it using face-to-face communication methods.

So with the first impression that is made, the listener will become open to any kind of communication that is made. As the next step, you can proceed with conveying your opinion, information or facts by many different ways of direct communication like presentations, discussions, etc. During all such communications, make sure that you talk confidently and portray a strong and confident feel. Such kind of confident communication will make the listener realize your expertise in the domain or genre. Such high level of confidence is important for them to accept your opinions and views without much of opposition.

Once you have conveyed the main aspects of your message, you need to listen attentively to the signs that are displayed by your listener. This is another benefit of face-to-face communication where you can understand the listener’s reaction through his body language and face expressions. Such kind of reactions will help you modulate your pace so as to fit into the listener’s comfort level. It is also possible to figure out if your listener is bored with the whole process or not. Hence make sure to use this advantage of face-to-face communication to its maximum potential to figure out if your listener is interested or not.

When you are communicating or expressing your views, it is highly important to pause at frequent intervals and understand the level to which your audience has grasped the ideas. It is necessary to involve them in a question answer session to understand their body language in face-to-face communication.

A two way communication increases the efficiency of this communication mode. Try to pose open ended statements so as to understand their views and opinions and their comfort level with the information communicated.

Questions like “what do you think we can do here to make it more efficient” is always better than “so this is my suggestion, is everyone fine with it”. Such open ended questions will get your team and clients talking. Any business transaction where you can get to make the listener talk more will give them a secure feel and ends successfully.

It is always advisable to aid face-to-face communication with written communication. You can prepare a written document of your communication session so as to provide the user the option to re-run it again at leisure. This method will also show you the level of preparedness for the session.

A client will most likely prefer a prepared provider who has taken the time to work on his things rather than trust an on-the-spot preparation.

Thus these methods are the various ways by which you can benefit from the advantages of face-to-face communication process. Communication is like the blood in any business transaction and face-to-face communication helps to achieve it effectively.

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