Role of Communication in Business

It is not common to hear about communication breakdowns in businesses. Communication methods can lead to success or failure of a business. But have you wondered how this is possible? How it is that communication methods were able to modify the outcome of business results? This article is a consolidation of the reasons why business rely on communication for success or failure or rather the role of communication in business industry.

Business Industries depend heavily on major management functions like planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These kinds of functions require the managers to practice expert communication methods. Thus to achieve all these steps of managerial functions, a managed and proper communication process flow along with details have to be established.

With the help of proper communication, managers can complete their responsibilities associated with the job. For example, when planning is done for a project, it is important that the manager gets to know all the pre-requisites and necessary information required for it.

Once planning is done, the manager should communicate it to the team members to ensure that everyone understand how to proceed with the job. Thus this kind of two way communication acts as a fundamental asset in organizations. In the same way, organizing and delegating jobs also needs effective communication routines to be set-up to achieve team goals.

Communication also forms the fundamental part of leading and controlling with the later more focussed on written communication methods. The phrase that communication is the blood of an organization is true in all forms and thus can be stated that for any organization to be successful, it is mandatory to establish proper communication methods.

Communication helps in promoting motivation in a group or team within an organization. When details about a task and the methods involved for execution are detailed to the team members it will help them carry out the work in an effective manner. Thus when confidence on the work increases the motivation factor also increases. Motivated employees tend to be more productive in any organization.

When members of a team are well-informed about thoughts and processes in a team, they tend to develop a higher confidence level. The increased confidence level will move them to the comfort zone and will also alter their attitudes on a positive note. Moulding employee attitudes will ensure that they provide their best to the organization. This kind of moulding can be brought in by using all kind of effective communication forms like meetings, journals, discussions, etc.

Communication acts as a major decision-making factor in many organizational policies. Without the complete information or knowledge there is no point in making decisions. Such decisions always fail and hence communication methods act as source of credible information to make strategic decisions. The information collected will help identify the problem, its resolution and alternative action courses.

Communication is also required to establish discipline and control in an organization. Hierarchies, principles and guidelines of an organization need to be communicated to employees so as to make sure that they all adhere to the process and policies.

It is also mandatory that employees are communicated the line of contact in case of grievances. These kinds of communications are required to establish a controlled environment in an organization. Also work delegation and responsibility sharing needs to be orally communicated first and then documented as a reference for future use.

As a final note, man requires to communicate as the basic essence of survival. It is impossible for an individual to survive in the business industry without proper communication. Thus communication also leads to socialising nature in the members of a team. Socialising between team members will increase team interactions and boost productivity.

Thus communication helps in all the functions of a business industry, planning, organising, leading and controlling. The managerial efficiency depends on the communication efficiency of the manager and team members. It is the duty of the organization and its management to figure out possible barriers that might exist in the communication structure and to rectify them to establish an effective communication network.

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