Job Interview Etiquettes

Getting a job for the first time takes more than just education and knowledge of the industry. There are things that you need to consider when you are trying to get the job for the first time. This might be the first time that you will try to convince someone to hire you and give you a good salary.

The head hunters and the human resource department will not just take a good look at your resume and hire you immediately. The interview process is not even just about the answers you gave to your interviewer. There are things that you should take care of and most of them are based on your movements.

Remember that this is not a question and answer session with your teacher but you are pitching yourself to the interviewer. It takes more than the right answer to get through the head hunters and the interviewer.

Eye Contact

The greatest sign of confidence when speaking with interviewers is eye contact. Every time you answer questions, look at your interviewer straight in the eye. This will tell them that you are sincere and spontaneous with your answer. It could be that you have practiced for that question but through eye contact, you are giving a sign that you understand the question and knows how to answer that question without even thinking.

But too much eye contact is of course bad. You do not have to look at them directly in the eye intently. As much as possible, your eye contact should be widened that you are actually looking at their face.


Anything other than sitting and standing straight is intolerable. When asked to sit, sit up straight and when you stand up, be professional and stand up straight. Your interviewer may place his foot on top of the table but that does not mean you are given a free reign on slouching.

Just sit up straight and answer the questions as professionally as possible. Although it could give an impression that you are stiff, it is better than to give an impression that you are not confident enough on your movement.

When sitting, your hands should be as comfortable as possible. If you want to sit down with closed hands, you are welcome to do it. But never cross your hands in front of your chest. You do not want to be too bossy in front of your interviewer.

Movement and Handshakes

During the interview, sit still as much as possible. There are times that you may want to move your hands and you are welcome to do it. But you have to move your hands to a minimal level. You do not have to move them as if you are an orchestra conductor.

When everything has been done, never forget to handshake. Like every transaction that you will do in the future, a handshake will end everything professionally. Stand up straight, look at your interviewer in the eye and firmly hold their hand while during the handshake. These are the actions that you interviewer will consider and will lessen your chances of getting hired if you do not observe them.

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