Your First Job Interview

Interviews are essential in the application process as the recruiter will get a first hand look at the candidate. You cannot easily find a company that will hire you without any interview.

You will be scrutinized and asked unexpected questions that you will have to think fast or else you will end up with a totally awkward answer.

But these are excited times as you get interviewed for the first time for a job. Even though will not be hired for the job, this should be a learning experience for you. Not everyone gets them the first time but you can do it.

Preparing for the Interview

You can never be too prepared for a job interview especially if it is your first time. You have to know the company background, the job description and the skills that you can match to the job description. Sitting down in front of a recruiter without any idea of the company background and what exactly they do is never good.

Do not think that being familiar with the industry will give you a good idea of their company. Each company has their special practices that you need to be aware of. That means you have to hunt for data that is not written in the company website. Look for online data of some employees or even their customers.

No Excuses

Informing your interviewer that this is your first interview after graduating from college is ok. But using it as an excuse is always a no-no. Remember that you are applying for a job not just an intern wherein you will not be solely responsible for the mess in the office.

Do not make any excuses as this will cripple your chances of getting hired. Companies are not looking for employees to understand but they are looking for employees who can be efficient. It does not really matter if you are experienced or not as long as you can persuade them that you can get the job done.

Being Professional

A professional is never late, dresses appropriately, does not slouch when sitting and formal in addressing the interviewer unless being asked not to. These are only few of the things you should do to show your professionalism.

Unless you are applying to be a comedian or a clown, you need to have proper business attire for a well paying job. The interviewer may not seem to show the same professionalism that you do but that should not be an excuse.

By showing your professionalism, you are showing your dedication to work or at least to the interview and you show your respect to the company you wish to work with.

Your first job interview might not go as planned. But it is just your first interview. If you have not heard from them after two weeks, get in touch with them for a follow up or assume that you were not hired for the job. Learn from that experience and move on by considering other companies.

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