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Oracle is the world’s largest enterprise software company and the jobs in the oracle field are on huge demand in job market. There are thousands of professionals professionals, working in almost all countries around the world in this technology and create enterprise software that solves customers’ problems. Getting the oracle certification from this company is really a great credit to one’s career. Oracle professionals are in such high demand that they are the most likely to be hired without experience. 

The following key points would help one to get an idea about the job opportunities and their preparation in oracle field.

One must get an oracle certification and with this a good resume would add to their search in their job market. If one is a fresher and looking for an entry level position then they must also look for companies which would train them. And in this stage getting oracle certification would prove very helpful to them.

The technical interview questions in oracle would vary depending on the branch of field chosen like whether it is a DBA and so on. This is because the functionality of each job in the branch of oracle varies. For instance an oracle DBA would be certified as an Oracle DBA and would have functionalities or responsibilities like Performing database tuning and performance monitoring, taking care of the Database design and implementation, performing general technical trouble shooting and give consultation to development teams, performing application tuning and performance monitoring and so on and would have a good knowledge of the physical database design, operating system, Oracle security management, Oracle data integrity, knowledge of how Oracle acquires and manages resources and so on.

So some of the interview questions one might face for an Oracle DBA would be like whether the person is familiar with using online or off-line backups, how would one handle technical problem given a problem for them, what is the database size handles by them in their past if the person is an experienced person and so on.

DBA’s would find it harder to get job as a fresher than developers because it is very difficult to focus what a person knows as a DBA. For a DBA, having at least the OCA certification is an ideal one. If one is trying for a job as a Production DBA and if they have no experience, it would be difficult for them to get the job without experience as a Production DBA. This is because this job would require resolving technical issues in a very short time and this could be done only by experienced persons. So it is better to go for a job in Development DBA and then switch to Production DBA after gaining experience.

Also in addition to the growth of oracle job in market this growth would definitely increase in future because Oracle Company comes with upgraded version which serves well than the earlier versions and thus the performance is improved much in later versions and thereby retaining the market growth.


If one wants to have top computer jobs with a higher salary in the field of oracle then acquiring a high-level Oracle certification will help them to prove to potential employers that they have potentials of what the employers need. Oracle Certified Professional namely OCP is the certificate employers like to have from people when recruiting for top computer jobs. This certificate is very much suited for people who want to have senior level careers. Oracle Certified Master or OCM for short is the ultimate database gurus and they are get jobs for managing critical and complex projects in which they can apply their knowledge, skills and experience .

Some of the sites which would be of use for job searches in oracle field:

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