Aerospace CAD/CAM Specialist

A software designer is in demand in various industries and can do well especially if he or she is the designer of the software industry. It also depends on the industry knowledge. The industry knowledge coupled with the software design knowledge can fetch good career options for people.

For example, an architect with CAD/CAM knowledge and a mechanical engineer with CAD/CAM knowledge and so on will do very well when compared to professional engineers or architects.

This is because most of the jobs done these days is on the computer and we live in an age where an architect sketches the whole model of the house or even a sky scraper using smart computer programs instead of sketching. This has resulted in faster work, more output, less man power and man hours.

The benefit is seen in many departments by using computer based work. So computer knowledge has become a must for any professional or individual in any industry. In the Aerospace industry, most of the equipment and aircrafts is designed by using the computers first. This includes the cabin seating and wiring, since every small detail is drawn using computer programs. This kind of complicated designing is done by CAD/CAM experts. There has been a global demand for more aircraft, and this has led to the demand for professionals who are CAD or CAM experts.


The primary education required to perform this job role is computer software design knowledge like CAD, CAM, Catia and also engineering like BEE or BEM. The industry does not demand that the candidate has to be a MS for this job at least. The high school education should show an affiliated course in computer aided design, programming and education or experience. The candidate should be good at math and should also be mechanically oriented. It is not a must to be a mechanical engineer, but more preference is given to them.

The candidate should also be able to relate CAD to CAM. Since the job seeker is expected to draw diagrams and make designs, he or she should be good with drafting skills and knowledge. Any job can only be performed when the person knows what he or she is designing for. For example, if the person is creating a lay out or design for cabin arrangement, he or she should also have a good knowledge of what is required in the aircrafts cabin, and how not to make the design. The industry knowledge is essential for any designer.

Education required is:

Bachelor of Science with Math background
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical or Electrical
CAD/CAM specialization
Computer and software knowledge


The skills required for a CAD designer in the aerospace and avionics industry are more industry related than computer related. The job responsibilities would include functionalities to support engineers by creating the layouts and drawings, sketches, and diagrams, which are essential to performing any job role across the industry.

They should be able to draw simple references related to problems, and should also be very good with drafting, along with having a good knowledge of engineering techniques. The main responsibility is to cover designs and drawings and this is what the job involves most of the time. The additional responsibilities could be learning more about the industry and sometimes also could be drawing or sketching for parts and materials.

The position of this job is entry level to mid level and the person who is working in this position could earn up to $44000 per year as a salary. Depending on the job responsibilities and demand, the salary goes up accordingly every year.

Expected Salary

Beginners: $2000
Mid Level: $2500
Experts: $3200

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