Aerospace Engineer

An aerospace engineer performs many tasks related to flying machines. It may be related to the software side of the machine or hardware side, but an aerospace engineer is expected to have complete knowledge of everything.

Among the many responsibilities, maintenance, design, development, and the manufacture of many kinds of vehicles is required. One engineer may not do everything, but should be able to do anything at any given point of time.

It is also one of the highly paid jobs because of the extensive work involved. To get to being an aerospace engineer, one has to study a lot and gain a lot of experience in the aerospace industry. An engineer in this respect may deal with army aero planes, airbus, commercial aircraft, choppers, missiles, spacecraft and even satellites. It all depends on the job and the organization. The main career is formed only while working for an aerospace organization.

Many of them consider the defense or the Army as a good break as they can get a lot of exposure to working on different aircrafts and vehicles. The academic qualifications required for this job is extensive, and involves a lot of study. One has to do well in their academic courses to get a job with a good organization.


The education qualifications required for being an aerospace engineer is a lot. It is many subjects put together that makes up the final course. A person is supposed to have studied Physics, Chemistry, Computer science along with software programming, mathematics, Statistics, and engineering in any respect like electrical or mechanical. Other than this, a specialization in material science and quantum physics is also required.

Even if most of the job is executed using the computer, it still is essential to have all this knowledge to aid in the job. In the end it is the on the hands job experience that teaches a lot, but to get there, one has to have all these qualifications. Not many people have the adherence to put in six to seven years of study just for a career.

It is also very important to do well and pass out with a high percentage in the academic courses. When securing the job, everything from marks record to project reports are taken into consideration. The project also should be with reputed organizations and a lot of credibility is derived from the projects and the reports.

Education required is:
Computer science
CAD/CAM knowledge
Engineering in mechanical or aeronautical or electrical


For an aerospace engineer the everyday job is like an exam or test. There is always some trouble waiting to be solved. So the engineer should have an extremely good sense of logic and error reporting. Analytical skills are of high importance in this job. The everyday job for this person can be extremely challenging and sometimes stressful and the person should be capable of working in such conditions.

Only a strong willed person can make it big in this industry. The Aerospace engineer jobs are highly paid jobs and a lot depends on personal negotiations. These people are employed by huge aircraft companies. It is a niche industry and jobs are not in plenty for this role in this industry. However, even today not all positions are filled because as scarce as the job opportunities are, there is a dearth of aerospace engineers as well.

There is a constant demand for engineers. The rise in the commercial aircraft industry has caused a dearth in aerospace engineers and a lack of resources. The person who is deemed fit for this role should make sure he or she has an extremely impressive resume with a lot of relevant experience to show.

Expected Salary

Beginners: $4500 to $5000
Mid Level: $5000 to $6000
Experts: $6000 to $8500

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