Aerospace Product Design and Development

Aerospace is one of the fastest growing industries and it is all about complicated structures and machinery. The designing needs of aerospace industry are met using complicated design software’s programmed, especially for the aviation industry.  Aerospace engineers with software development knowledge in the product design and development field can build lucrative career in this industry.  

Aerospace industry is referred to as rocket science because of the complexity of its nature. Aspiring candidates should have good technical knowledge related to aerospace, along with good programming and design skills to create complicated machinery. It can be an extremely competitive industry and a person has to be competent enough to survive here.

The information technology influx in aerospace industry has taken place during the last 10 years. Colleges and universities have adapted their courses to include many of the software skills and programming languages for engineers to prepare them for future jobs.  Engineers who have exceptionally good track record throughout college will be able to get a job in this industry.


A engineering degree in mechanical, electrical, electronics and/or MS in aerospace, avionics or aeronautics is an ideal qualification for this post. Further, an additional course in aircraft systems and software programming languages with design software like CAD and CAM is helpful for getting a job. A person should have accreditations in both technical education and software education.

Candidates are also expected to know embedded systems software and object oriented software knowledge. In this profession, the technical and software knowledge have to be extensive to do well.

Not many students opt for such difficult courses and very few will be able to make it to the end. The study demands rigorous and extensive learning habits and one has to have consistent results throughout their college education.

Selected candidates are said to be in entry level for the first two or three years because there is a tremendous amount of information to absorb and learn. A person is considered to be experienced only when they have spent at least 6 to 7 years in the industry.

Education required

Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical, electrical, or electronics)
CAD/CAM Knowledge (Computer aided design and computer aided management)
Embedded systems and OOP (Object oriented programming)


Skills required for this job are exceptionally good analytical ability, logical deduction and excellent communication and programming skills. These skills are basic to get an entry level position in the industry. Candidates working in the product design and development team should be able to understand the product lifecycle management responsibilities and should be able to multitask responsibilities.

Product design or development can either be for in-house needs or for clients and one should be able to work anywhere and with any team. Also, most of the aviation and aerospace companies take up support responsibilities for their clients because it is a very niche industry, and not many companies are equipped to provide customer support because of the lack of knowledge and expertise. Candidates who work in product design are often expected to be present at the customer site during installations or development procedures.

Expected Salary (Monthly)

Beginner: $4500 to $5500
Mid Level: NA
Expert: $6500-$8500

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