Tips and Tricks to Learn VoiceXML

It is also important for you to realize that many vendors are still using the older IVR technology. You will want to conduct research on Interactive Voice Response systems so that you can give clients a good reason to use it. Being able to show the advantages that VoiceXML has over IVR is very important. If you are not able to do this efficiently, you will not be able to win clients.

Another important tip of VoiceXML is to become familiar with the testing methodology that is connected to it. By understanding the testing methodology of VoiceXML, you will be able to look at your application to determine if you are on the right path. If you are doing something wrong, you can correct early enough so that it doesn’t become a serious problem. When you begin testing the speech recognition system, you will not need the application to be fully completed. You will want to handle the testing phase by making a prototype of your grammar with VoiceXML, and you will want to make sure the back-end information is dummied up.

While the opinion of the test user is important, it is also important for developers to make sure they watch as well as listen to the users while they are testing the application. The reason for this is because you may be able to get additional information that will not be available if you are simply using information that is audio based. As the users test the software, record what they feel happened, and spend time studying what actually occured. Giving out a survey after the task has been completed will allow you to collect information on how the users felt about the task. Based on the data you compile, you should be able to make improvements to the design of the system. Surveys are important, because they will provide valuable information to upper level managers.

When users are allowed to give feedback about the product, it is important for you to make sure it is free-form. When I use the term "free-form" there are a number of components I’am referring. One of these is to allow the user to post general information about the task on the survey. The reason why this is important is because you will compile important information that you may not obtain through the use of standard questions. One of the most important tips in properly learning VoiceXML is application evaluation.

This is a process that is ongoing, and it should play an important role in your organization. When the application is in the production phase, it is likely that you will have a number of areas that need to be improved. By adding a review process that combines feedback from the users with sample interactions, you will have a powerful resource at your disposal.

Grammar reviews should be frequently conducted. They will be used to make sure your grammars are compatible with the relevant set of commands. It is always important for VoiceXML developers to realize they must assist the end user. It is never a wise idea to convey the impression that the application is capable of doing more than it was actually designed to do. It is best to avoid the use of open-ended questions unless you have a powerful grammar structure with logic.

Open-ended questions can frustrate the end user because it may put them into a situation where they are pressured into saying the right thing. It should be obvious that those learning VoiceXML will want to properly deal with error handling. If the end user is placed into a situation where they do not understand the options that have been given to them, you will need to assist them in how to deal with the situation. When you learn VoiceXML, it is important to focus on the needs of the end user as well as the system.

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