Conversion in C

How does a conversion occur in C?

The data types for numerical operations used in C are integer, float. It is important to know how conversions occur between these two data types in numerical operations.

  • Some of the facts about conversions are given below:
  • Integer having arithmetic operation with Integer gives Integer value
  • Float having arithmetic operation with Float gives Float
  • Integer having arithmetic operation with Float gives result as Float. This is because integer is first converted to float and the arithmetic operation of float with float will result in float as seen above.

An example to understand the conversions of data types

float x=5.5;
int y=5;
x=y/2 + x/5;

This gives result as 3.1 , This is because:

y/2 gives 5/2 and an integer having arithmetic operation with integer gives integer as result as this gives 2 as result and not 2.5

x/5 gives 5.5/5 in this a float having arithmetic operation with float gives float as result sp this gives 1.1 as result, therefore x=2+1.1=3.1

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