WinRunner Features

For those of you who are using WinRunner 7.5 or higher, you will find that the program has a number of advanced features. These features are designed to make the software application much more efficient. Understanding these features as well as their functions will allow developers to maximize the capabilities of the system. 

One important feature of WinRunner is Automatic Recovery. The Recovery manager will give you a wizard that will allow you to go through the process setting up a scenario for recovery. It is possible for the user to set up various operations that will become activated if an exception event appears. This function is very useful when a developer cannot be physically present to monitor the progress of the program, and it can correct errors that would normally interrupt the testing process.

Another powerful advantage of the newer versions of WinRunner is silent installation. If you want  to install WinRunner in a mode that is unattended, you can do so based on installation preferences that were previously set. If you use enterprise software management tools, this function can be extremely useful. The newer versions of WinRunner are also integrated with TestDirector. The two versions that it functions with best are TestDirector 6 and 7. While TestDirector 6 is more tailored towards client/servers, TestDirector 7 is more geared towards applications that are web based. If WinRunner should detect any errors or problems, they can be presented to TestDirector as well.

Perhaps one of the most impressive things about TestDirector is its support for terminal servers. Supporting terminal servers allows the user to open multiple window clients and use WinRunner on each client as one user. In addition to this, it can also be used in conjunction with LoadRunner, and this will allow the developer to process numerous WinRunner Vusers. The ability to support a large number of environments has become very important for software testing applications. WinRunner versions 7.5 and higher provide support for Internet Explorer and Netscape, as well as PowerBuilder 8. When it comes to verifying the functions of enterprise applications, WinRunner is an industry leader.

Another powerful feature of the newer versions of WinRunner are their ability to use numerous data combinations for one test. The DataDriver Wizard has been designed to eradicate programming that is tailored towards automatic processing of large amounts of data. This will save the tester a great deal of time, and they won’t have to spend so much time preparing scripts. WinRunner is impressive because it can increase power with tests without the need for more programming. The Function Generator is a tool that can allow you to design tests or alter scripts without having a great deal of programming experience. The tester will be able to point at a GUI item, and once WinRunner has examined it, it will be able to provide more infor about the class and the proper function to use.

Multiple verification is another important feature that you can find on the newer versions of WinRunner. It can offer checkpoints for bitmaps, GUI, or databases, and this will give the testers the ability to compare the expected outcomes with the outcomes that occur. In addition to this, they will be able to find specific problems with various objects that are GUI based. Data integrity has become an important part of handling databases, and newer versions of WinRunner have the ability confirm any values that have been placed within the database. They will also be responsible for making sure transactions have been carried out correctly. If your data has been altered, WinRunner can handle the integrity of the data.

The ability to analyze every aspect of the objects is very important. With WinRunner, you can view and verify all the aspects of the objects. The GUI Spy is the tool that will provide you with information on various object properties. The GUI Spy can assist you with viewing ActiveX controls, along with objects and methods that are based on Java. Because of this, all the objects in the user interface can be defined by a script, and they can be tested.  The ability to process reusable scripts is very important. The GUI map will give testers access to various objects, and they can modify them. Any changes made will be automatically reflected on all the proper scripts.

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