Jobs Without Stress

Jobs Without Stress: Yes, They Do Exist!

Whether you are in a blue or white collar industry, you’ll most likely feel stressed out at the end of the day – everyday. The job pressure of companies that demand productivity will take the best out of you at any given moment.

You may be able to restore your energy after a good night rest, but once you step foot in the office or bring your tools of the trade, you’ll feel a big lump in your shoulders that will just make you think that the pay is not worth it. There’s got to be a better job out there.

The good news is that there’s a better job out there. Jobs with virtually no stress exist since they are still essential but they will never be required to provide with an output.

Here are some of the jobs that will have virtually no stress:

• Public Library Assistant/Librarian – if you’re a bookworm, then don’t be shy about it and earn from it. Being an assistant to a public library will usually require a degree related to library science but you could be hired as an assistant even if you have a degree in humanities.

A public librarian will just care for the library and the books inside it. What’s going on with the books outside the library could be your concern but you’re not going to be penalized for it.

• Foresters – if you love the outdoors, then this career is for you. Besides loving the outdoors, you’ll be paid to stay in it. Your job is practically to guard the area against illegal activities.

The best thing about this career is that it’s only seasonal which means you only work for a few months a year and be paid for the whole year. Your expertise will always be sought out through the year as a forester which should be simple consultation.

• Mathematicians – yes, you might be crunching numbers all day long but if you’re born with a calculator in your hands, this job is like sitting all day in the park with your favorite flavor of ice cream at any point of the day.

Mathematicians are never required to be fully right or fully wrong either. They are usually at school teaching not the fundamentals but highly complex theories. A Ph.D. in Mathematics could easily earn a six-figure annual income if he or she is experienced and have contributed significantly in the field of study.

You may notice that the prerequisite to be happy and be stress fee in any of these careers is to be natural and have a natural liking in the industry.

If you don’t want to be stressed out in your career, you need to be in an industry where you feel safe and an expert. Use your natural abilities to determine which industry is perfect for you so that you don’t have to crunch your mind too much just to avoid too much stress in your chosen industry.

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