Instincts for Stable Career

Whenever we do something new, more often than not, there will always be some kind of feeling, which can be eith doubt or happiness or sometimes even fear.  Instincts instruct you with general things like how to deal with transactions. Without instincts, you could be anywhere and end up in a worst possible situation because you did not have anything to hold you. Instincts will give you an instant reaction and a “gut feeling” on why or why not you should follow any decision.

Instincts can even be used in choosing the right career. There are a lot of jobs out there and many more will be created. However, none of them could provide you with an assurance of stability. A company could anytime dive or close down if something bad happens.  You have seen it during recession wherein a company unexpectedly announces that they are filing for bankruptcy protection. This means thousands of current employees will be terminated. With instincts, you can sense when something wrong is happening and you will be able to prepare for the worst case scenario.

Honing Your Instincts

Most of the time, instincts are regarded as natural reaction to the events and factors around individuals. But instincts are not developed overnight. In fact, your instinct is the fruit of years and years of experience and education. For example, you have been working with snakes all your life so your natural instinct when you see a snake is never to run away. On the other hand, anyone unfamiliar with snakes will run at first glance. Instincts could be “trained” through experience.

This is also the same with your job security. If you have been working for years for an industry, you will instinctively know that a company is in trouble because of the factors and activities you have seen lately. Although they do not present actual facts, you can clearly sense something.

But this does not mean fresh graduates do not have the instinct when it comes to knowing how stable the job would be. If you expose yourself to the industry through news, books and online information, you have a good understanding how stable a company would be.

Reacting Accordingly

Your instincts should be considered a “tip” on how to react on things. But these instincts should not cause drastic reactions especially when you are considering your career. If you think your career is on the line along with other employees, start investigating. Of course, you do not have to snoop around “sleuthing” for information since you could be terminated from work that way. Instead of acting like something fishy is going on, ask your supervisor about it. Like yourself, they too should have an idea if there is something wrong about the company and would warn you about it.

Following Up

If you think something is wrong, it is better to prepare accordingly. Improve your resume and update them as soon as possible. When the worst case scenario has come, you are prepared and might be already working with another company. Use your instincts to your advantage so that you will be able to survive and establish a good career.

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