Know When to Reject Job Offer

There is always a feeling of desperation in job. Job hunters are practically begging for a position so that they could achieve financial stability. In fact, many job seekers simply giving up and opt to work for some minimum wage jobs. These jobs do not pay well but it is enough to deal with desperation.

But there are a few individuals that are lucky enough to have multiple offers from various companies. These individuals possess skills, education and experience needed by companies.
If you are in this position, choosing which company to work for can be a bit challenging. In fact, there are even situations wherein you might not accept a job even though there are no other offers. These are telltale signs you should be aware so that you’ll be able to make the right decision and work for right company.

Limited Ability – Companies may overlook your abilities and assign you to work in a tougher position than you are actually capable of handling. This can also happen if you sweet talk the hiring manager that you are actually a qualified employee for the position. Think twice before accepting the position. They may look great as they provide impressive compensation but it will only take months before they will notice your incompetence. In the end, you lose the job and establish a bad reputation.

Uneasy Job Environment – There are businesses and companies that require their employees to be at their best attire everyday and follow a strict behavior. When this does not sound good to you, there is a chance that you might end up dealing with an uneasy environment. This will not work well in your career since you will most likely be less productive. That is why it is always important to have a look at the actual operations floor before considering their offer. Their workplace environment is very important for your future productivity. If you have become a great employee in a different environment, there is surely a company that has a vacancy with your preferred environment.

Supervisor Rapport – The company looks great and the benefits are competitive but when you meet and know more about the manager or your direct supervisor, you develop a strange suspicion. If you are not feeling good about your possible supervisor, you should probably say no to the job offer. This is also the same as following your guts about their offer since there is something in your subconscious telling you that this job is not for you. It is better to say no right now and give up after a few months.


Low Pay Grade – Never agree to a pay grade below the industry standard. This can only lead to frustration and you will most likely leave the company as soon as you find a better option. Better say no for now rather than become a disappointment to a company that you abruptly left.

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