Importance of Entry Level Jobs

Fresh graduates will usually end up with an entry level job. But there are those that have been very successful during college that they end up with a supervisory job after school. They have proven themselves worthy to have that job right from the start.

But sometimes going on top really fast is not good for fresh graduates. A fresh graduate right out of college would still have to deal with raw emotions, arrogant ideals which could lead to bad decisions. That is why it is sometimes better to aim for something smaller rather than be aggressive and start from the top.

Learn Your Way to the Top

Anything that the students will learn at school could be applied when they end up with a job according to their education. But in a very fast paced environment, what the students have learned in school may not necessarily be applicable when they were hired. When fresh graduates earn an entry level job, the responsibility is not that heavy which will give them ample time to research on what they should do and if what they learn is good enough for the industry.

When a fresh graduate starts with a supervisory position, the pressure will always be there. Although it could be argued that internship has taught the fresh graduate almost everything about the industry, the real thing is always different from a mere internship.

An entry level job will give you everything that you need to succeed in your career later. You start out small but you increase your knowledge until you become an expert in the industry and succeed.

The Faster the Rise, the Harder the Fall

Fresh graduates always dream of becoming a CEO of a company as soon as possible. But fresh graduates should think about what they wish for…they might get them. A CEO of a company sounds really good but it could be equally disastrous for fresh graduates if they are unable to move the company into better position.

Being a CEO will take you to greater opportunity if the fresh graduate would have the ability to prove their worth. On the other hand, a CEO will not able to ace another job if they have failed as an CEO.

Aside from psychological damage or trauma that a fresh graduate would have to face, the fresh graduate will have a very hard time looking for another job. Other companies might not hire the fresh graduate since they might be dubbed as over-qualified. If you have written in your resume that you have been a CEO after college, companies might be intimidated in hiring you.

A great career does not require you to start at the top. Oftentimes, you need to start at the bottom so that you will know the tricks of the trade right from the start. As you increase your knowledge in the industry, you will naturally gain the respect of your peers and boss which will also help you improve in your career.

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