Temporary for Fresh Graduates

Temporary jobs are now a growing trend among fresh graduates and for those who are in career transition. This is a type of job that usually requires little to no experience at all and therefore, appealing to the fresh graduate.

Even without any experience, they can approach any temporary agency with confidence and find a job really fast. Their education is more than enough to help them land a job.

Temporary is also a way of cutting costs for the company. Instead of hiring someone full time wherein they provide additional benefits such as paid leave, health care and dental, they can get a temporary and only pay the agency without the benefits.

Flexibility on Temporary Jobs Required

Although it is not explicitly said, one of the basic requirements for those who wanted to work as a temporary is flexibility. You will never know what type of job you will have when you are assigned in a company. They could inform you of the job description but that is only tip of the iceberg.

Once you start working for the company, you will realize that there are additional tasks that you will have to do to ensure your other tasks will be possible. If you are not flexible enough to deal with additional tasks, then you might not be able to survive as a temp.

Don’t Think of Riches

Never think that you will earn a significant amount of money when you work as a temp. A temporary technically works for the temporary agency. You are just sent to a company as a representative of the temporary agency. Your pay is not going to come from the company you work for but to the temporary company you represent.

The temporary agency you are working for will have a cut on your salary. That means your pay will not be the same when compared to those who are hired by the company. Your work might be the same or even harder but your pay will never be as much as the regular employees.

Not the Ultimate End

Being a temporary should never be your career. There are those that, unfortunately, get caught up with the idea of working without too much pressure. So instead of aiming higher they decided to stay and be content with what they have.

If your aim is career advancement, you should never be content on being a temp. The great thing about being a temporary is that you will be able to learn many skills since you will have lots of free time in your hand.

You can learn skills while at work, sign up for additional classes during the weekends while trying to gain experience in the industry. Show exceptional talent and value to the company you are working for.

If you prove yourself to be valuable for the company, you will not be let go and will be hired as a regular employee. Instead of earning without benefits, you increase your salary and have a chance to improve your career.

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