How to Handle Bad Start on First Job

Your first job will practically dictate how you will fare in your career. The reality of work will immediately solicit some reactions. The first reaction that you will have at work can easily become your reaction to any type of work in the future. That means you have to be careful in those reactions and try to control them as much as possible especially if the reactions are on the negative side. A career is not served in a silver platter so you have to work really hard to gain it.

But sometimes your reaction to your first job is never good. It could something that’s against your beliefs or something that you simply can’t do. There are also times that your physical conditions could stop you from working really hard no matter how much you wanted to.

Your first two months at work are just disastrous that you are thinking right now of resigning since you don’t find yourself as productive as you think. Even your supervisor or immediate superior has noticed your being unproductive and has called your attention so many times.

Resignation in early months of the job usually happens to professionals especially to fresh graduates whose expectations at work are not met. But resignation because of frustration is never a good sign for a productive career.

One of the worst attitudes someone could have in their career is the quitting attitude. If you’re just a fresh graduate and you have this attitude, you can never move up in the ladder of your projected career.

As long as you are at your desk or at your station, there is still something that you can do for the company. They are still paying you to do things so you better do it and slowly try to improve on it.

Aggressive Feedback

Improving in your career is never easy. Everything you need to learn in college is never enough to assure you of a successful career. You need to have a mentor or an increased frequency of feedback if you want to improve in your productivity.

Ask your supervisor to increase the frequency of review so that you’ll know which areas to improve. This will work in your advantage – you are giving out signs that you are willing to improve and you will know soon if this particular company really cares about you.

Be Patient

Even though most people’s first reaction at work determines their future in a specific career, there are those that are considered as late bloomers. Quitting at work in just a few months because you are not productive is never a good thing.

Remember that when you quit, you will have to look for another job once more which will also require you to adjust not to mention seek options for financial stability. Stay at work and learn something about the industry everyday. Eventually, you’ll become a highly productive individual that would be very valuable for the company you are working for.

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