Top Reasons For Not Getting Hired

Fresh graduates often complain of their inability to get hired and they have the right to do so. They are always at the disadvantage at the face of most employers because of their inability to show any experience. Their experiences are often limited to internship or on the job experience – many of them are in controlled environment which does not tell anything about the real situation of the industry.

This is not the only reason for not being hired. Fresh graduates are still being hired today. Sometimes, there are things that could have been missed out or not done by the fresh graduate.

Forgetting about Networking

Unfortunately, networking is something new to fresh graduates. Without any experience in the real business world, they do not know anyone who can back them out. Fresh graduate needs to be very aggressive in networking.

Some see that spending some cash on networking is worth it. But this should only be seen as the final course. Fresh graduates have to connect to as many people as possible by asking they know about connections and slowly work their way to more people. It could take time but it is worth it.

Not Learning from Past Experiences

Although there are fresh graduates who are lucky enough to be hired in their first try, there are many fresh graduates who have to experience numerous rejections before being hired. Rejections should not be treated solely as a dead end – they have to be treated as a learning experience.

For every rejection, learn what you have done wrong. It could be based on your resume, your cover letter or during your interview. You really have to take note of this especially during this economic period wherein companies are rarely looking for new employees.

Targeting Too Many Companies

It is never a good idea to get in touch with many companies as you can. This will never help your cause in getting a good job as soon as possible. Although you do have the quantity in the number of companies who might hire you, the quality of your application to get accepted diminishes.

In the end, you lose any chances of getting accepted to any company you want to work with. You lose your concentration in improving your interview skills and other skills that could help improve your chances of getting accepted.

Not Conducting Any Follow Up

If you want a job, you need to show that you really want it. Sending in your resume and cover letter is not enough today. You need to make sure they read it and examine it and the only way to do it is to follow up your resume and cover letter.

There are companies who will brush you off stating that you will be called in case you will be hired. But there are also companies who only need to be pushed a little bit to recognize your resume and cover letter. This also holds true for your interview so that you will know if you do get accepted or not at all.

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