Desktop Publishing & IT Certification

Desktop Publishing & IT Certification

For those that are looking into getting an IT Certification, there are several types of knowledge that they will need to look into before committing to their first class.  If you are uncertain of what type of IT Certification will work best for you, then you can look into desktop publishing.  This type of certification is especially effective for those who would like to use technology as a business manager, supervisor, or someone who has to communicate information to others.  There are several areas that you can concentrate on with desktop publishing, all which will provide you the necessary tools to excel in the work area.

The main purpose for IT Certification with desktop publishing is to help present business documents.  These can range with a variety of different things.  The first type of concentration you can have is with delivering effective presentations for your business area.  You can do this not only by creating documentation, such as newsletters and flyers, but also by using technology effectively when you have to give a report or a speech.  Desktop publishing can make sure that the presentation of your material is organized and has the visual materials to represent what you are speaking about. 

The details of desktop publishing rely on making a presentation that is varied.  This will include varieties of layouts.  For example, if you want to present text by a graphic, or if you want to change the text in the presentation, you can use these publishing tools.  You will also be able to manipulate things like color in order to prepare an effective presentation of materials.  Not only can you get a beginning certification in this area, but you can also advance in these certifications, allowing you to take several levels of the class. 

The first type of desktop publishing that is available is known as Adobe.  This program has a large variety of software that can be used for your purposes.  They are known for providing those using the material with a professional looking layout that can then be posted on the Internet or sent to someone through virtual use.  For example, you can create flyers that can then be posted on an Internet site or sent to someone to give them information.  You can also create images for a Web site.  Adobe will also allow you to present things such as catalogs to present your information to others in a professional manner. 

Adobe certification is divided into three areas.  The first is known as Adobe Acrobat.  This particular type of presentation software focuses around presenting text in a professional manner.  You can not only present your text over these files on the Internet, but can also send them to others to edit.  Through the tools that are available on Adobe Acrobat, you can use professional tools to revise and improve your text.  The second type of Adobe material is known as Adobe Frame Maker.  This not only allows you to apply text to a certain area, but also allows you to add in varied formats, graphics and objects.  FrameMaker will also give you the ability to have page layouts that differ from regular presentations.  The last type of Adobe certification that you can focus on is known as Adobe Page Maker.  This has all of the above qualities of the other ones, and also provides you with ways to present your material in a publication manner.  This allows you to convert your text to HTML, or computer language format.  It also provides color and text manipulation.  This program is often used for things such as publishing e-books. 

The second type of IT Certification you can get is Microsoft Publisher.  This allows you to present materials in several ways.  Brochures, business cards, text manipulation of regular text and Web site use are all related to Microsoft Publisher.  By knowing this program, you will be able to present several types of business documents.  Microsoft Publisher will allow you to custom design any of your materials through the specialization of the document, and then adding graphs, text and objects as needed.

The third type of IT Certification that focuses on desktop publishing is known as QuarkXpress.  This particular type of publishing material will focus on creating materials for Websites and the Internet.  This not only includes text, but also learning how to manipulate the space that you may have on a Web site to have the right area used for pictures, graphs, style for your Web site and ways to print out certain web sites. 

By knowing what types of desktop publishing you can use, you will be able to create business documents for a variety of uses.  There are several areas that you can focus on, all which will help you and your business to expand and provide the right information to others.  By having desktop publishing as part of your expertise, you will be able to focus on specific types of publications and will give yourself the ability to perfect what you have available for your business.

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