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Information technology is becoming a growing necessity in the workplace and at home.  For those that are interested in becoming IT Certified, they will soon learn that there are possibilities that will open by taking a professional outlook towards technology. For those investigating the technology field for their business or personal use, knowing different office and desktop applications can help them to find the right tools.

Office and desktop applications not only focus on business needs and professional presentations, but also for personal use.  This will give you basic and advanced uses for your computer, all which will help you in organization as well as development for whatever your needs may be.  There are several available types of applications that you can look into and decide to use.  These include Microsoft, Lotus Notes, Group Wise and word perfect types of office and desktop applications. 

One of the types of certification that you will be able to receive is in relation to using technology for finances.  If you need a way to organize the pay roll, taxes and other financial matters, then having this certification can help.  The databases that may be included with this type of application are ACT!, Quickbooks and Quicken. These are only a few of several types of financial software tools that you can use to help your personal and business finances to stay organized. 

A second type of office or desktop application certification that you may want to consider is known as GroupWise.  This particular program helps you to organize your personal and professional contacts.  If you need to collaborate with others and need a simple solution for organization, then GroupWise is a good tool to learn.  It will help with communication through e-mail as well as giving you ways to organize and make appointments and find new clientele for your store.  You can also use this application to share different documents.  

Lotus is another possible type of program that you can learn for increased and effective technology for organization.  This application focuses mostly on the business aspect of organization.  It will give you tools to create and manage different documentation, have spreadsheets available and can even help with organizing presentations.  Lotus as a type of software allows you to add not only text, but also graphics when organizing your materials. 

Microsoft vendors offer a variety of office and desktop types of programs for IT Certification.  All of these are specific to certain needs that can be used in or outside of a business.  For example, Microsoft will offer a word processor that can be used for creating the right type of documentation.  They also have a spreadsheet application that you can learn to use for organizing materials and making tables, known as Microsoft Excel.  If you are trying to create a presentation, either for the Web or for your office, you can also look into the PowerPoint that Microsoft offers. 

This allows you to organize slide presentations that can have objects as well as graphs and text added to it.  For those that need to access a POP server from their web site for e-mail, they can learn how to use Microsoft Outlook to provide them with more effective communication.  Microsoft Works will also provide some of these features, if you would prefer to become certified in this first. 

Many have heard of Palm Pilots, but there are several that are still learning to master the hand held computing device.  If you are unsure of how to use a Palm Pilot, you can also receive IT Certification in this.  This will help you to organize all of your information in one small device.  This includes e-mail correspondence, notes from meetings or events, contacts for either e-mail or phone as well as calendar devices.  You can also learn to use a Palm Pilot in relation to your PC, which will allow you to easily transfer information.

Another type of IT Certification that you can focus on is known as Quattro Pro.  This particular application focuses on the organization of spreadsheets that are used for different purposes.  It will allow you to not only manage your information, but also edit and re-organize what you need to know.  From here, you will be able to use this software to create charts and formulas.  You will also be able to do specific formatting for your business or home needs. 

By using any of these desktop or office applications, you can assure that you will be able to find the right materials for your organizational needs.  Being organized through technology will make your job easier, as well as allow you to keep a professional outlook.  There are several programs that you can invest into, all which will give you the extra boost you need to be professional and organized in your affairs.

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