Acing the Second Interview

Your first interview was a breeze. The interviewer was impressed by the way you present yourself and how you were able to answer certain questions. As an experienced job hunter, you were able to prepare a specific answer for most questions that were thrown at you. You might have asked specific questions that have gained the interest of the interview.

But as much as you have charmed your interviewer, the job screener might not end there. There are companies who will further screen their candidates with another interview. This second interview is usually conducted by companies who are looking for individuals to fill in a higher position. This will further screen the candidates in order for a more viable candidate for the job position. If you are applying for higher position, expect more than one or even two interviews before being selected.

Personalization During the Second Interview

In the second interview, the screeners may ask for more specific questions. They might even pose problems and expect an instant answer for the candidates. Although this is a little bit unfair, this does happen.

The company is actually testing your instincts not only as an employee but a solution provider. During the second interview, they will gauge if you are able to instinctively provide the right answer or formulate the right action steps to provide solution with the problem. The only preparation you could do for this challenge is to review your values that you have presented during the initial interview.

One of the signs that you are indeed a problem solver and a leader is consistency with your answers. Never think that since the first interviewer is not present, you could just reformulate your values. They have taken notes during the interview or have even made an extensive report regarding your experience and personality during the interview. Be consistent with your values as you apply them to problems posed by your interviewers.

Persons Behind the Second Interview

You may notice that I pluralized the word “persons”. Yes, they will be more than one person who will be interviewing you. Sometimes the second interview will still be one-on-one but if you are aiming for a higher position, don’t just expect to impress the hiring manager; you need to impress most of the upper management.

Expect a panel interview for you second interview. You will be scrutinized, asked bizarre questions and your values might even be challenged by the panel. If you could survive the grueling panel interview, you have just proven yourself worthy of the job. If you don’t get hired for the position, think of the 2nd interview as training for another grueling job interview in other companies. 

To ace the panel interview, you just have to be calm. Sit straight so that blood will properly flow in your body, making you think better plus you’ll look professional and confident. When you are asked by an interviewer, answer them directly and look at them straight in the eye. Not only you are projecting confidence you are also projecting the capacity to work with the leaders in the industry without intimidation.

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