Working Over Weekends

Working on a weekend has become a norm for most individuals, especially for single employees. Since they don’t have any family to take care of, they can go back to office and work. However, more parents are now considering going back to office, even if just for the morning only. 

They could be seen at work for half a day and go back to their weekend activities in the afternoon and Sunday. Even managers go back to the office in the weekend and might be staying there longer compared to other employees.

Why You Should Consider Working in a Weekend

If you think this is a ridiculous idea, think again. Working in a weekend would mean you won’t have the regular distractions at work: your phone will never ring, you won’t receive any emails and you won’t have any additional orders from your boss. That means you get to concentrate in what you do and would have the freedom to do it at your own pace because you are never pressured with the 9-5 setting.

This is also the time to be creative or think of plans for career advancement. In a regular work week, you could be loaded with a lot of assignments. You will practically have no time to express yourself or to think of ways to advance your career or at least think of ways so that your job will be a lot easier. By thinking of ways on how to improve productivity, you show your dedication to work and might be rewarded with a better position.

The Downside

The obvious downside is that you get to have a lesser time for the weekend. Instead of kicking back and relax in your favorite chair while watching TV, you are in your office in your corporate attire, working. This could take its toll on you. Instead of resting and releasing all that tensions in your body, you increase them because you are there in the office.

If you think your productivity will go down and stress will go up, stay away from work during weekends. It would be better for you if you stay and rest than go back to work, get stressed and do absolutely nothing.

How to Cope with Weekend Work

If you really need to work on a weekend, here are some tips:


Do not be bothered by the thought that you are in the office doing extra work. Rather sit down in your cubicle, relax and do what you have to do. Never multi-task because it will just stress you out.

Set up goals specific on that day 

Don’t go to office during weekends without any plans. Write down the things that you should do and work on them one by one. As much as possible, write the things you could finish with four to five hours. 

Leave immediately

As soon as you are done with your objectives, do not stay there for a single minute. If you want to stay there, dedicate those times in improving your career through different activities at work.

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