Body Control During the Interview

Your posture will be greatly evaluated during the interview. You might have great ideas and delivered them perfectly in words but those words will be nothing if they are never reflected in your actions. Posture and body movements are the first things that will be noticed by the interviewer.

Since you only have a few minutes to impress the interviewer, the first impression is very important. How you move will be a large part of your interview. You should always be conscious of your actions as they could indicate your professionalism and interest on your job.


The key to proper movements during the interview is moderation. You can move your hands, nod your head or even move your body a little bit as long as they are done in moderation. If you don’t move a lot, you’ll be considered as a stiff and you’ll be perceived as someone who is not open to fresh ideas.

Too much movement is an indication that you are very interested in the job but you can be too aggressive for the company. Besides, too much movement might be a sign that you are just forcing your opinion.


From the time you enter the room, be sincere. If you don’t feel like smiling or expressing yourself sincerely, don’t bother showing up for the interview. When you have to smile in the introduction, do it. If you don’t want to, then don’t but be sure to be professional on how to handle yourself so that you’ll provide a good impression.

If you’re not friendly try to be very professional. A short introduction and a quick “how are you” could easily break the barriers and introduce the air of friendship. Be sure to stand by what you feel and show it professionally.

Crossing your Legs

Sit down, plant your feet firmly on the ground and never cross your legs. This action is often seen as a sign of disrespect in Middle Eastern countries and during interviews, crossing of legs could easily spell disaster. It doesn’t matter how good you look when you are crossing your legs. This action is a sign that you are not formal or serious regarding the interview. It is often perceived that you are not really interested and you just wanted to be in other places. Just sit down in a regular manner and you can easily establish your professional side.

Using of Fingers

When you want to move your hands, move it to slowly prove your point. But never think about using your fingers to prove your point. You can point your finger anywhere but in merely using the finger you are giving a sign that you are an arrogant person and you want to force your idea no matter what. Don’t expect to be hired if you point your finger to the interviewer. Not only that act is disrespectful but it’s also threatening.

Be conscious on how you move during the interview. It will make or break your chances of being accepted.

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