Using Soft Skills in your Resume Effectively

There are a lot of skills at work that can’t be learned in a classroom or through experience. They usually come with the character and disposition of the employee. These skills are called soft skills as they are not really taught and could not be easily visible to the employer. They are often regarded as additional feature for your resume which are not verifiable but will increase your chances of getting hired. Companies today are not necessarily looking for geniuses at work but they are looking for someone who has the skills and soft skills in dealing with job responsibility and the office work principles.

Types of Soft Skills

Here are some of the soft skills you would often find on most resumes. You might be able to add them to increase of your chances of being accepted:

1. Team Player – if you often consider the team’s welfare first before your own. In every achievement that you have, you will usually credit the team. You also have an active participation in every team activity.

2. Problem Solver – one of the best soft skills anyone would have. Companies are always on the look out for candidates who have the ability to identify different problems, find the solution and implement the solution effectively.

3. Confidence – the ability to tackle problems without hesitation is a sign of confidence. It’s also part of the leadership skills that are sought after by most companies.

4. Flexibility – if you have the ability to adjust to any type of schedule (working on weekends, nightshift, etc) then you have this soft skill.

5. Can Easily Handle Pressure – grace under pressure is a great soft skill as companies are growing to be more and more demanding from their workers. If you are able to be productive even with intense pressure, you have this soft skill.

Don’t Just Write Anything

There are other soft skills that you can write in your resume but don’t write everything that you can think of. Have a self-evaluation and write down your characteristics that could be your soft skill.

Writing them in your resume is very easy but explaining them during the interview will be very difficult if you are not ready. Do not write down any soft skill if you don’t have any concrete events that will show your soft skills. Without proper explanation or example, it’s as good as lying.

Observing Soft Skills at Work

When you are hired, you have to show the soft skills that you have written at work. It will make or break your career with the company in the first year. As entry level employee, your supervisor will provide an extensive review of your performance. This report might be compared to your resume. If your behavior is not at par with your resume, you might be terminated. On the other hand, an improvement from your past will easily get you places.

Soft skills are all about proving your worth to the company through your character. You may write anything but you have to prove them from the interview and even when at work.

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