How to Answer Random Questions

Your interview process are usually made of company related questions or querries regarding your experience and character. But there are times that your questions can go like this:

"If you’re stuck in an island what are the two things you would likely bring?"

This random question can take you by surprise. If you’re not aware that these type of questions can be asked, there is a big chance that you will never be able to answer these questions correctly.

Be aware that these questions can be asked during job interviews and this is not a joke. In fact, it’s a test that will determine your ability to create answers in an instant under pressure. The interviewer is already aware that you have been preparing for the interview so the answers you have are "packaged" and you just bring it out when asked.

But random questions can easily bring out the best in you since there is no way you can prepare for these questions.

Random questions are increasing in number in various interviews simply because of recession. Because companies have the luxury of choosing a better candidate, they are able to screen everyone with rigorous questions. This includes random questions which is a test of wit even under intense pressure.

Preparing for Randomness

Technically, no one can prepare for random questions during job interviews. So the only way you can prepare for these questions is to be aware that these questions can be asked in many job interviews.

But you can structure your answer for these questions. The structure can be your guide in order to have a flowing answer. Stuttering is never a good way to impress your possible employer so a structure can really help answering random questions.

Focusing on Values

Random questions are asked not just to measure your ability to answer surprising questions immediately; they also want to know your true values and principles. Your answers should be patterned according to your values and principles. A question about "two things in an island" will reflect on what you treasure the most. Another possible angle that you can use to answer the question is to use the values and objectives of the company. This is very effective in terms of showing to the company that your values coincide with what is important to the company.

Personal Identity

Another answer the company wants to gain from the random questions is to know your true identity. Because you are unprepared, you can end up telling them something that you are not prepared to reveal. To prevent that from happening, always focus on your identity as an employee for the company.

Focusing on your personality can lead to favorable answers as long as your prepared but random questions can change the answers you have prepared. Focus on being an employee and show them your values as an employed individual.

Random questions should be expected during these days. Prepare by focusing on values and principles in order to have an impressive answer even for this type of questions.

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