How to Avoid Job Search Frustrations

As a fresh graduate or a recently terminated employee, it has been your practice to look for vacancies in your area or online. Newspapers, radio announcements or job search engine sites are often visited in order to gain updates on the latest vacancies on the field you want to work for. You submit resumes to some websites and show up on various offices so that you’ll be interviewed and considered for the position.

But no one seems interested in hiring you – and it can get increasingly frustrating. Job search should never be this difficult but you are actually having a very hard time landing one.

Vacancies and the Economy

But frustration in job search is not necessarily your fault. You already know the status of the economy. Companies are having a hard time keeping everyone intact because of the losses they experienced.

Some were forced to close offices and plants because they are unable to provide the needed salary for the employees. Others even enforce salary cuts because this is the only way to survive without having to terminate everyone.

This setting only diminishes the vacancies around the country. The competition for the available position is now even harder because more applicants are on the street looking for a job.

Knowing What Went Wrong

On the other hand, don’t just blame the economy because you can’t land a job today. There might something wrong in your end that have made the company think twice about hiring you.

Read your resume, cover letter and online information and see if there’s something wrong in your profile. You might even have to make some changes in these documents because these documents were not able to gain the attention of head hunters and business owners.

Also try to remember your answers during the interview. Sometimes, the reason why you can’t be hired is through your interview. Think what might be the problem and seek solutions to prevent blunders on your next interview.

New Job Search Techniques

Relying on traditional and simple online job search might still be effective but if it didn’t work for you, it might be time to consider radical techniques in job search. Consider other techniques such as aggressive online networking, blogging and other online techniques on gaining the attention of head hunters. You don’t have to push yourself to the same strategy especially if they are not working according to your expectations.

New Field

When all else fails, what can you do? Instead of pushing yourself to the same industry with too much competition, consider other industries. It might require you to study but there are short term courses you can consider so that you can be employed in another industry.

Another option is to start a business. Instead of seeking to be employed, start something small until you become an entrepreneur that could hire employees. It might be challenging at first but it’s a lot better than be frustrated with your job search that never yields anything that will help your career.

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