How to Answer Salary Related Questions

Your interviewer wants to know more about you. Aside from the data you provided in your resume or your cover letter, interviewers are now interested on your behavior and the actual skills that you can use to help the company move forward. Interviewers could practically ask you anything to ensure that their company is secured by hiring you.

But one question should be handled with care by interviewers as well as an applicant is the question about salary. It’s a very tough question since avoiding the answer could trigger negative effects from your interviewer. On the other hand, giving away your salary will make you vulnerable especially during the salary negotiation process. Instead of hiring you with a good pay, they will use the data to offer a relatively higher salary.

All About the Presentation

When you are asked regarding your salary, be aware that the interviewer knows that this type of question is a little bit intrusive. Your salary should always be a personal data and should never be used against you.

What the interviewers are really looking for is on how you answer the question. They do not expect an answer but they are expecting a very good explanation why you don’t have to give out your current salary. As much as possible be simple and direct without mumbling your words.

If they ask salary related questions, request that those questions be reserved when you’re already negotiating the salary. They will understand this since they do not want to give out their own salary.

Interest First, Money Later

During the interview, stick to your objectives and never be sidetracked with a simple question about your finances Instead of thinking of ways on how to get out of that situation, restate your statement or present your reason why you do not want to give out the said data.

Thinking of money first is not recommended and could backfire. If you’re the first one who asked about the salary, you are threatening your interviewer’s ability to gauge you according to your potential. You might even be dismissed immediately because of your insistence in knowing the real salary.

Know Your Worth

Before you state your demand for payment, it’s important to know how much you should be paid based on different websites. The salary range of your work should give you a good idea on how much you can haggle for a higher salary. It could take a lot of time through research but the data you’ll gather is worth it. Ask your friends and family about their previous experience with different companies and how much they are paid monthly. There are also online tools in different job search websites that you can use to determine your monthly salary.

Salary related questions should be handled with care. Do not panic if you’re asked about this question especially if you’re still employed. Think clearly and ask them if you can avoid that type of questions for now. Your interviewer should understand this since everyone is still trying to keep their salary a secret.

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