Job Search Via Networking

Networking is a very important aspect of a job search since it is through networking that you can be introduced to important persons in the company. These persons can decide if the person will be hired or not. Aside from increasing your chances of being hired, networking will also assist your career since it help you get promoted or transfer to another company that offers a better opportunity.

But reaching the point of networking where you already know two or three managers is difficult if you don’t know where to start. Many fresh graduates and recently terminated employees do not have the luxury of being connected since they have just graduated from college or have focused on their career.

Scrutinizing the Family Tree and Friends

The best place to start networking is on your friends and family. Surely someone in your family and group of friends is a professional or at least knows someone professional. Your friends and family could help you gain contacts through introduction.

Using families and friends as resource for contacts is even better compared to business networking companies. Companies who host parties for professionals to meet usually come with a fee. If you know a friend or a relative that knows a manager or a supervisor, you can get yourself introduced without having to spend anything. It is even more casual since you and your new contact knows someone in common. You won’t feel awkward compared to approaching someone blatantly.

Your Online Network

Aside from simply knowing people and friends through social network, use your knowledge of the online network sites so that you can connect to decisions makers in the company. The best online sites to find this type of professionals is to seek social websites focused on a certain industry.

You will still find professionals in general social networking sites but they are usually for personal use. Introducing yourself in those type of social network would be a little bit awkward not only mentioned intrusion since it’s their personal page.

On the other hand, focusing on social networks geared for specific industries will help you gain more contacts. Most professionals who join social networking for specific industries are also seek business partners and even employees. Your introduction will be treated professionally.

Search Your History

Aside from your friends and family as the source of contact, you can also think about your classmates during college, your professor and other professionals you have met in the past. If you can get in touch with them, you can gain their assistance for a new job. Your professor can really help you on this since they know your capacity and will recommend an appropriate business. Your professor will surely know someone already successful in the industry and you can slowly introduce yourself.

Networking may just be part of your job search but they can really ease searching for a job since you connect directly to people. Through this connection, your skills and education will be boosted not only in popularity but also in financial rewards.

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