How to Create Better First Impression

First impression is very important in job interview. Think about it: you only have three to five minutes to impress your interviewer. If you start up in a really bad note, you will have a very hard time improving your image in only three minutes.

First impression will set the tone of the question and answer. The disposition and mind frame of the interviewer will be greatly influenced by the first impression and usually, you can’t really change that mind frame in a few minutes.

Everything Starts with a Question

As soon as you settle in your chair during the job interview, you will be asked with the first question and your answer will set the tone of the rest of the interview.

The common question interviewers ask is, “tell me about yourself.” When asked with this question, be careful in anything that you have to say. 

The interviewer will take a note of everything that you say and will provide follow up questions based on what you just said.

To properly answer this, you need to prepare an elevator pitch. It’s a 20 to 30 second pitch which will tell who you are, what you have done and what you intend to do once hired.

It is short and straight to the point. By limiting your answer, you are also limiting your mistakes.

You just have to let the interviewer figure out the next questions. It’s better to leave them suspended for additional information rather than to give everything and get them disappointed on your answer.

Posture and Dress

Aside from what you have to say, there are also non-verbal things that you can do that might give out the wrong impression.

One of those non-verbal acts is your posture. This is very basic but if you don’t do it right, you will not be hired.

A person’s posture says it all – your self-confidence, your ability to relate to co-workers and the way you handle work.

Slouching or being too stiff is a bad way to start an interview. You just have to stay calm and sit straight.

If you want to remove the pressure of being too stiff or to avoid the temptation to slouch, shake your hands and feet before you enter the interview room or before you are seen by the interviewer. That will get the blood pumping and will make you calm a little bit.

Another way to have a good first impression is the way you dress. No one is asking you to wear the latest business fashion line for men and women.

What is required though is that you have to have to present yourself with a clean looking and presentable business suit.


This is another verbal action that you have to take care if you want to have a good first impression.

Your interviewer will most likely extend his or her hand for a handshake first and you have to reciprocate with a firm handshake. Look the interviewer straight in the eye and address him or her by the first name or have a casual greeting.

Remember that the first impression is very important as this will set the tone of your interview process.

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