How to Answer Basic Interview Questions

Interviews are never the same but there are certain questions that will be most likely asked during the interview.

That is why it is important to prepare for this type of interview because there is a great chance that you will be asked that question.

The interviewers and head hunters knows that you have prepared and expects to receive a well prepared answer.

Anything below that is unacceptable which will lessen or even diminish your chances of being hired.

Tell Me About Yourself

The current trend of interview is geared towards discussion of personal experience and views instead of answering specific, job related questions.

By freely talking to the interviewer, you let your guard down and your true personality and life-view comes out. But they do have to start somewhere and that usually starts with a simple question, "tell me about yourself."

The interviewers are expecting a short and straight answer. Most call this answer as "elevator pitch" wherein you try to sell yourself to someone in as little words as possible. When asked with this question, answer in the following pattern:

• who you are
• what you have done
• what you can do for the company

By using this pattern, you set everything clear and the discussion could start with a good note about yourself. If you stick your answers and response on the elevator pitch, you will be fine.

What do you know about the company?

You are expected to know the history of the company, the job you are trying to acquire or even the mission-vision of the company. What the interviewer is actually looking for is the delivery.

Everyone could say the history of the company since they could be found online anytime. But not everyone could say it nicely. In your end, you should know how to carefully describe the company and ending the description with a good note.

It is just common sense since the interviewer expects you to have a positive outlook of the company. Research on what the company has done for the industry as this could be the perfect tool in answering that question.

What can you do for the company?

This is a very tough question especially for fresh graduates since they do not have any relative experience yet.

To properly answer that question, the candidate should think of the mission or objectives of the company and pattern their skills and positive characteristics on those objectives.

That way you will give an impression that you are a perfect candidate for the company. This answer would again require you to research more about the company in terms of their success rate and how they were able to achieve it.

Tough questions should always be expected during the job interview. But any candidate could prepare for the toughest questions so that they could answer those difficult questions. Through preparation, they are increasing their chances of impressing the interviewer which in turn increase their chances of getting hired for the available job.

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