Job Interview During Competitive Times

These days, more number of people are competing for jobs that may be much less in number and in kind.  Many companies have closed down and those that have remained in operation may be looking for replacements for the people they have retrenched as part of a downsizing strategy, instead of completely closing up shop.

While there is a recession in full swing, there are instances when downsized companies are suddenly swamped with orders for their goods since some countries still have better economies and the goods they sell which they source from the US are still continuing to sell in their respective markets.

Hence, companies in this situation have to produce fast the goods ordered from abroad, and they have to recall some people or hire new ones even for part-time jobs, to meet the needs for products of their clients overseas. So, the situation now in some businesses is one of a come-and-go basis, and they have to cope with the business fluctuations by making use of part-time workers.

You could be one of those who continue to search for jobs because you have a family to support and you have to survive in these difficult recessionary times. If you have been invited to an interview after you have filed several applications, you could be among the luckier ones whose CVs must have been closely scrutinized by HRD personnel.

Something about you and your previous work experience, or the way you have presented yourself when you submitted your job application must have impressed the one tasked to interview you. He may be the same person who received your application initially.

Here is the key, and the most important thing to remember when you report for that interview, is that most likely they want you to be the one to get the job among the others applying. They want to know if their search is over, so for the length of the interview, the job is yours practically.

Remember that first impressions are always incredibly important. People, like interviewers, do make up their minds quickly so be yourself right from the start. Of course maybe you can turn up the volume on those bits about you that most match the job at hand, and turn it down on the bits that do not have anything to do with the job in question. This move is supposed to help you show yourself in your best light.

However, be careful that you will not be noticed just pretending to be a kind of person which you are not actually. People, especially experienced interviewers, can smell pretence in the interviewee anytime and your being unnatural and artificial could mean a disaster for you after the interview.

Neither will it be good for you to lie about yourself when answering questions of the interviewer. Just like when you are cross-examined by an experienced trial lawyer in a criminal hearing, the interviewer can easily spot inconsistencies in your answers to his questions.

The best way to go about it in your interview is to be factual in telling about what you have been doing and about your experience. By just being yourself in the interview is already a strength that cannot be easily assailed. When you are asked questions that you do not know how to answer, say so frankly – the interviewer may even yet appreciate you for your candidness. And because he is impressed with your confidence that you know the job that you are applying for, while noting those questions you frankly admitted not knowing, he might just quickly sign the approval of your hiring.

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