Career Opportunities in Biotechnology Industry

Bio Technology is a diverse field with a lot of potential careers. Bio technological methods are used in various industries like medicine, agriculture, environmental sciences and the energy sector.  Medical and engineering students can find several opportunities within the multi-billion dollar biotechnology industry. 

Applications are vast for biotechnology industry and because of its diverse nature and profitable growth; it can offer many lucrative careers to people who have a technical education combined with computer and software knowledge. Job opportunities provided can be in universities, medical schools and research labs. The best thing about the bio tech jobs is that the candidates can start working on them while in college as a part of their course curriculum. The startup jobs usually involve research. The students are also paid a basic salary or a stipend.

There are start-up bio technology companies and also well established companies. The bigger companies will typically have many departments for various functions while the smaller companies will have consolidated divisions that do many jobs. In whichever category you want to fit, the pay scales are promising and the career is secure. Only qualified biology, science or engineering students fit into the bio tech industry.


An education in biological science is very important to get a job in the bio technology industry for any kind of job role. The only department that does not require technical education would be the accounts department. A person who has done biotech engineering, molecular biology, or bio chemistry along with a software and computer education can easily secure a job in the industry. These are the desired qualifications for any research specialist, software programmer or bio informatics specialist.

Some job roles require the candidates to have a PhD, but they are of high profile nature and are also highly paid jobs. In current day medical technology, as much as people vie for becoming a doctor or a medical surgeon, being a research scientist is equally preferable in the bio tech industry.

Alternative careers are there in almost every industry after the influx of computer sciences. Especially when it comes to genealogy, research is the most well paid field within the industry because the research and findings from this department has helped mankind solve several health problems and unravel several puzzles. The advancement in gene research also gives birth to some of the most advanced medicines.

Education Required

General biology, genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, botany, or zoology
BSc, BTech and BE in science or engineering
Software and database knowledge like Oracle, DBMS


There are several departments in the bio technology industry that require specific set of skills for a person to be employed. If a candidate is choosing a career in the bio tech industry, then they should make up their mind about what they want to do while in college and further specialize in that. It is somewhat like medicine, where doctors have to decide before hand in what to specialize.

In research and development departments, the required skills for a person is a good knowledge in the field of research, software knowledge and application skills. If a person is in the production and control department of the organization, then the desired skills would be the ability to handle projects, teams and leadership qualities.

Scientists are also designated as managers in this industry; therefore, the scientists are also expected to have all these qualities in order to fare well in their jobs. The scientists and PhDs are paid the most in the industry as they handle many responsibilities.

Expected Salary

Beginner: $ 2500-$3500
Mid Level: $3500-$4000
Experts: $ 6500-$9000

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