Staying Calm During Interview

When you report for that important job interview after days of hard work filing and submitting job applications, it cannot be helped to feel some apprehensive excitement. This is but natural for anyone, so you have to do something about it beforehand.

Your preparation of course will be of much help like studying and reviewing even for a number of times the nature of the job and the company you are applying for so you will develop understanding of what you are going into.

The interview you are about to undergo is just the beginning of a new life with the company, should they decide to hire you after the interview.

The interviewer who will be handling you, will understand the uneasiness that you may show – he has seen this in many applicants before in his career with the HR Department of the company.

A job applicant is always expected to be a little jittery, of course with some job seekers trying very hard not to show it. The company however is unlikely to hire the over- relaxed, too calm, or even the laid back type of job applicant.

They see in this kind of person some bad traits or a “don’t care” attitude which they may not like later when he is already on the job with the company.

The HRD experts especially know what everyone goes through in the interview, regardless of how skilled or experienced he may be. So do not worry too much about that interview, go right ahead into it.

There are ways however to help in staying calm during the interview and among the first things you can do is to look at the company’s website and try to have answers in your mind to the following questions:

• What does the company website tell you about them?
• Why do you want to be employed by them?
• Think about what they need, if they are hiring people
• Who are the competitors of the company?
• Do you feel that they are they well established?
• What are the things that you want to know about them?
• What do you like about the company?

Having the answers to the above questions stored in your mind could at least dispel some unfounded fears you may have of going into something that you are not familiar with.

When you find yourself in the company’s premises waiting for the interview to start, feel at ease in talking with staff members, especially on something which you know best.

As most interviews are of the two-way type, meaning the interviewer will likely encourage you to ask questions too, have these questions ready, even if you have to make written notes on them.

Your study of the company’s website would have prepared you with the questions. You may even have done some practice asking those questions back home.

The interviewer will of course appreciate your asking of such questions that show your keen interest in joining their company.

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