Aggressive Tips for Fresh Graduates

Fresh graduates will always be at a disadvantaged position when it comes to job search and getting hired for the job. There are only few brilliant fresh graduates that has job offers even before they finish school. The rest of the graduates have to do it the traditional way: look for a job, submit a resume, ace the interview and get the job.

If they are lucky, they could stay on the job for a very long time and eventually establish a promising career. But that is not often the case since the process stops after you submit your resume or getting an interview. If you ever get hired there is also the chance that you may not like the job after all so you quit your job and go through the process again.

Aside from having to go through these stages, fresh graduates also face the fact that they are not often the best candidate. In this troubling times, people with better experience and better education is being terminated. Of course they would have to look for a job elsewhere and you would have to compete with them. More often than not, candidates that have better education and experience will be hired over you.

But you do not just apply for a job just to be beaten by someone else. If you want a job you need to work for it harder. That is why it is advisable for fresh graduates not just to lazily look for a job wherein they just randomly distribute their resumes hoping for an invitation for interview, they have to be aggressive.

Ways of Being Aggressive

First of all, being aggressive is not necessarily doing crazy things just to get hired. If you do that, you do not only diminish your chances of being hired, you are practically ruining your chances of establishing a career.

Being aggressive to be hired for the job means you have to know more about the company you want to work for. You already know that your resume and cover letter will mean nothing if you are compared to other resumes. Instead of simply going through the process, talk to as many people as possible so that you will have a better chance of being hired.

Get in touch with decision makers, managers or even the owner on the phone or email so that you can show them your dedication and expertise in the country. Remember that being a fresh graduate doesn’t mean you are less skillful. It is just that they are a little bit older and had a head start in proving their worth.

Being aggressive also means improving your networking. This almost goes with the fact that you are able to get in touch with the leaders of the company. Through networking, people will personally know how you could perform when hired. This means you do not have to prove your worth too much.

As a fresh graduate, do not expect that every job opportunity will be pouring into your doorsteps. Expect a lot of competition when you are trying to be hired. Be aggressive so that you can easily stand out and establish a career.

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