E-Resumes What You Need to Know

Everyone wants a better job; even the people with great jobs frequently want even better jobs, so there are always tips that will help everyone out when looking for employment or simply for better employment. As you begin searching for better employment you will notice that many employment ads, whether in newspapers, online, or even posted somewhere else, will ask for you to submit your e-resume. 

If you have not applied for jobs in awhile or are not Internet savvy then you might be thinking, “Submit my what?” Fortunately, learning what an e-resume is and how to submit one is not difficult at all. After you have completed reading this article you will be more than aware of what an e-résumé is, how to make one, and other pertinent information pertaining to this topic.

What is an E-Resume?

An e-resume is simply an electronic resume. However, this term encompasses more than one type of resume format because there are several types of e-resumes. This might have you more confused, but it shouldn’t. That is because e-resumes are pretty easy to understand and format, you just need to learn about them. Basically, your e-resume needs to be formatted for the way you plan on delivering it to prospective employers. This means that if you are emailing your resume there is a format for this type of e-resume, the same goes for posting a resume online, or a PDF resume, or perhaps even perhaps a scannable resume that is scanned into a computer to make it electronic. The most important thing is that you know what the rules are for formatting the type of resume you are interested in submitting. This will allow your resume to appear professional to potential employers and that is exactly how you need to appear if you want to be called in response to your application.

How do I create an E-Resume?

Now that you know there are a variety of different types of e-resumes you may be asked to supply you are ready to learn how to create an e-resume. The most important thing is for you to understand which e-resume you should submit. If it is email, PDF, web, or another type you need to find this out first before you can start. Once you know you are ready to begin.

Email E-Resume

An email e-resume should be formatted so that when it is emailed as an attachment it can be easily opened and work with the employer’s computer. RTF is the best way to email resumes because they are less likely to contain viruses and can be opened with any word processing program or any computer platform. You should email yourself an RTF version of your resume to see how the formatting looks and then make any changes you need to in order for your e-resume to look absolutely perfect.

However, remember that when you send an RTF resume by email you should also include a text version of your resume in the body of the email. That way the employer knows what you sent and has the option of opening the attachment. However, if the employer chooses not to open the attachment your resume will still be available for review in text format.

PDF Resume

If you have a PDF then you need to have a PDF resume, however this should not be your only resume as they are impossible to change if you had a resume writer create it for you. The benefit of a PDF resume is that when you save it from a word document it will appear exactly the same when potential employers open the document. This is perhaps the greatest benefit to having this type of resume. Additionally, you should know the best way to create a PDF resume is from Adobe Acrobat, however this is an expensive program, and the reason many job seekers have a resume writer create one for them.

Web Resume

A web resume is one you will post on the Internet, so it is important for you to evaluate how your resume will appear when it is posted. Also, it is important to pay close attention to your web resume and make sure you include the keywords that apply to your experience and job search. This means that when employers are searching on the web and through other means that your resume might be included as a result. Additionally, when you include your web resume in a resume bank that means employers can access your resume at any time day or night making your information available at all times. Not to mention if you are talking to a potential employer you can direct them to your web resume for their review until you can fax or email another copy of your resume.

Web resumes are really important when applying for jobs, so check out a variety of resume banks where you can upload your resume and allow for searching. You will find many employers find your resume without you having to do any work! That will really take some of the stress out of the job search because not only will you be looking for work, but employers will be looking for you and if you have your web resume online they just might find you.  


So, now that you know what an e-resume is you can start focusing on your own e-resume and how to create it for each potential employer. It will definitely take some practice and a little time before you are a pro at formatting the various types of e-resumes, however practice does make perfect! Additionally, there are many examples of resumes online for all the different types of e-resumes you might be interested in creating. Taking a look at those will certainly help you format your own, get a few ideas, and start applying for jobs via e-resumes! Go ahead and give it a try and you will certainly be impressed how prepared you are to apply for jobs in the fast paced, technologically advanced world of today.

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