Visual and Text Resume Combination

A resume provides information on relevant education, experience and skills to prospective employers. Sizing up a person based on how they look are only applicable in very limited industries. Landing a job without a resume and a cover letter is quiet difficult in any industry.  Cover letters are actually optional since they just provide a glimpse of the resume and many employers will still be impressed with the resume even without a cover letter.  

Changes in technology have increased competition on the form of resume submitted. Many are not resorting to visual resume so that they can stand out among other candidates. This might require time, patience and money to produce a good visual resume but it’s all worth it when they are done well. Some can even use online tools in order to effectively upload their visual resumes.

Creating a visual resume is more than just standing in front of your video camera and start talking on what you can do. There are factors that need to be taken cared of so that visual resume can stand out and help improve the chances of employment.

A regular resume is a must – A visual resume could be impressive but it will not work in most setting without the actual resume. The regular resume can be considered as an introduction to something better that can be found in the visual resume. A link should be provided so that the employer will be properly redirected to the visual resume.

Consistency is the key – Anything written in the resume should be reflected in the visual resume. The qualities that were indicated in the regular resume should be noticeable in the visual resume. Because of this requirement, it’s highly recommended to write down what will be said in the visual resume. This means a script should be written and practiced for proper presentation.

Convincing your credibility – This is actually the most challenging part of visual resumes. Since presentation of documentation is a bit difficult, it is important to focus on professionalism when indicating expertise. Credibility can also be boosted when the expertise can be added with samples or explaining the expertise. This will be a good gauge of the candidate’s expertise.

Quality of work – As already indicated, a visual resume is not just a recorded interview so that skills and expertise will be properly presented. There are many online and free tools that can be used for proper video editing. A few hours spent on improving the quality of the visual resume can help boost the chances of employment since the visual resume is actually interesting to watch.

Avoiding excessive visuals – While visual resume should showcase the expertise in visual representation, this should not be an excuse to add too many effects that it has become a showcase of special effects. Focus on being professional so that the resume will look good and easy to understand.
Visual resume can effectively improve a person’s chances of employment. But they should be done well so to achieve that advantage.

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