Using Job Posting to Bag the Job

Job postings, whether online or in different media outlets are used by companies to attract potential candidates to consider their offer. It is a way of getting the best possible candidate out there since people who are looking for a job will naturally be attracted to the position. With their job posting, they can screen more people which mean they will have a higher chance of getting a quality candidate for the open position.

As a job applicant, you can actually use the simple job post they use so that you can tailor your techniques in applying for the job and get a higher chance for getting accepted. You need to be a little bit inquisitive about their job postings so that you’ll who and what type of candidate do they need.

Customizing Your Resume Based on Job Post

When applying for a job, it’s always a bad idea to print that old resume saved in your computer and submit them to any company who are looking for employees. Read their job posting and focus on the experience required for the job. Most of the time employers want to have a candidate who knows what they have to do right on the first day of job. If you don’t have the experience for the job, don’t worry.

Employers and businesses usually post relative work experience to have better candidates. Instead of a job experience, write down the training you had and other relative work experience. Highlight them so that they will easily notice your knowledge of the industry. Also notice the skills required for the job and highlight them in your resume.

Customizing Your Cover Letter Based on Job Post

More importantly, cover letters have to be personalized when applying for the job. Each company you are applying for should receive a different cover letter. The reason for this is that you don’t want to sound too generic. Cover letters should have the tone of advertising yourself to the company you are applying for.

Because of this, a generic letter will not do it since although you are pitching yourself to the company; you didn’t write down the experience and skills they are looking for. Each company needs a different type of employee so you have to tailor your cover latter based on what they are looking for in a candidate.

Preparing for the Interview Using the Job Post

Job posts will usually specify the personalities that they are looking for in their future employee. For example, they would post that they need "aggressive and self-driven candidates". When they post these qualities, you better take their word for it since they will be looking for these qualities during the interview. You need to give them that impression when you are talking with them. Using their job post, you can prepare yourself so that you can increase your chances in getting hired.

Job posts are simple advertising to get the company’s preferred candidates. But look beyond what is written so that you can tailor your resume, cover letter and properly prepare for the interview.

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