Dealing with Long Term Unemployment

The national average unemployment rate has increased to nearly double digits. There are few states in the country that are able to deal with recession but many are experiencing double digit unemployment. Worst, the unemployment is not just a temporary setback.

Nearly 5 million Americans are unable to land a job for the past six months. No matter how hard they try, they just can seem to land a job. This problem has pushed the government to extend unemployment assistance to a staggering 79 months. This form of assistance sounds great but they are not that sufficient especially for the family that has some extra financial responsibilities.

While many economists say that recession can be over in less than a year, getting through 12 months of unemployment is very difficult. Debt, personal financial problems and even family problems can rise because of financial difficulty.

Mental Health

There was news wherein a couple in Los Angeles decided to end their lives and the lives of their children because of financial difficulties. It was a shocking story as it has actually painted a gloomy outlook of the economy: people are really affected by recession and the results could be horrendous.

It is never suggested that this could happen to anyone but there will be a time that the financial burden can just affect your mental health. Depression and insecurity can be easily felt when your ability to earn is clipped. This can lead to illogical actions that might affect the family.

A good way to deal with this tendency is to be aware of this tendency along with family help. Knowing that depression might happen to you will lead you to do things that could prevent depression. The presence of a family that provides support can easily dispel depression. Some even go back to their old hobby just to take their minds off the problem and have fun for a while.

Creating a Concrete Plan

Moving away from depression and lack of self esteem is not the only solution to long term unemployment. Another way to deal with long term unemployment is to actually look for a job. Looking for a job in this economy can often increase depression because the chance of employment is minimal. But if you create a good plan on how to be employed and focus on slowly gaining the attention of employers, there could be a job. The chance of employment is minimal but it is still a chance.

Help through Networking

In these tough times, all the help needed should be used. Education and experience alone does not ensure anyone of a job. A good way to improve the chances of employment is to improve or renew the business network. Through networking personal recommendations will be made which means your qualifications will be double checked.

Everyone is facing tough times in this economy but that does not mean everyone has to be in despair about the situation. By thinking positive, having a concrete plan and looking for ways to improve the network, these can improve the chances of employment.

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