Who Needs The Help Of A Professional Resume Writer

Many people will tell you that writing a resume is hard, but why on earth would you actually pay to have someone else write your resume?  It does seem like a silly idea, that is, until you try to write your own resume!  Perhaps you have a lot of experience in a few different fields, or you’re applying for numerous jobs in many different industries, or you just don’t know how to format your resume so that you will land as many interviews as you’d like!  There are a lot of reasons that you may need help writing your resume, and none of them are reasons you should be embarrassed about. 

Those Who Haven’t Written A Resume In A Long Time

Many people stay with the same company for years and years, and while they have continued to move up they haven’t written a resume in ten or even twenty years.  People in this position often need to seek the assistance of a professional resume writer so that they can be sure that they are not using a resume format that is out of date.  Not only might they need help with the format, they also might need help to break down their jobs and responsibilities in a way that will peak the interest and grab the attention of potential employers.  Individuals with long-term jobs are attractive because employers know that they are stable, but when they can’t present themselves well through a resume they’ll have a hard time getting a job.  If you haven’t written a resume in a long time, you might want to get some advice on how best you can represent yourself on a resume.  A professional doesn’t actually have to do the writing for you, though they can give you some great tips that will get you an interview.

Those That Are Trying To Make A Change

If you want to get into a new field you also might need the help of a professional resume writer.  For instance, if you have been a college professor for the last 20 years and you are ready to make a change, how do you do that?  You can’t focus on the classroom experience and teaching people if you want to find something other than a teaching position.  A professional resume writer can teach you or help you write a resume that will show a potential employer that you can easily move into a career in say, sales, because you know how to keep people interested through psychology, you have to trouble engaging people and talking to them, and you can easily lead people because of your teaching experience.  This can be hard to do on your own, but many professional resume writers can help you highlight certain aspects of your experience so that you can move into a different field but still give all of your employment information from the past, even if it is unrelated.

Those With Little Experience

If you have just finished graduate school and you have very little experience in your field of interest or just aren’t sure how to go about writing a resume that will help you make a good impression despite your lack of experience, a professional might be able to give you some help.  Not only will a professional be able to guide you to really make the most of your experience, they will also be able to help you highlight how important your education is and what you can bring to the company you are applying with.  Getting with a professional when you write this first resume is a good idea anyway, because your resume is always a work in progress this initial consultation will get you off to a great start so that your resume is always formatted well and will grab the attention of prospective employers now and in the future.

Those That Need Stress Relief

Let’s face it; sometimes we just need a little bit of help to get going.  Searching for a new job is stressful enough, but when you don’t know how to format or focus your resume, it can become even more stressful.  When you get with a professional you can either have them write your resume or give your efforts a makeover so that your resume will really stand out and you will feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off of your shoulders.  Your resume is the first and sometimes the only impression that you will give prospective employers, knowing that it is well written will help lessen the stress of the experience so that you can go forward and continue to apply for jobs until you find one that you really like.

Paying The Price For Help

Paying to have your resume written can be quite pricey, up to $50 an hour.  If you are going to pay these types of prices, you should be sure that you are working with someone that truly knows what he or she is doing.  You should also be sure that you have given the resume writer all of the relevant information that he or she may need so that they can work as efficiently as possible so you don’t have to pay more because you didn’t provide the information that was necessary for you to get a great resume.  You should be able to review the resume before you have to pay, just so you can be sure you are receiving a resume that lives up to your standards and you will be proud to submit to potential employers.

You may be able to find free or very cheap resume writing help at your local schools.  There are quite a few business schools and technical vocational schools that offer free resume writing, all you have to do is fax in your information, and within days you will receive your completed resume.  It really doesn’t get better than that!  Other schools will offer the same services for just $20 or $30 which is also a bargain because you’ll pay far more than that if you go with someone that is charging an hourly rate.   

Many people need help writing their resume, it’s a tough thing to do and do well.  So, if you feel like you need someone else to take over the writing or you just need a bit of advice, don’t be shy or ashamed, get the help you need to get the jobs you want!

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