Aerospace Embedded Systems Programmer

The avionics and aerospace departments deal with a lot of complicated machinery that use complex software. This software is quite critical to the functioning of the entire industry. To be eligible to work in this industry, the candidate should have a minimum qualification of B.E or B-Tech and an additional education in software development. For more advanced projects, the industry also asks for relevant experience of 6 to 8 years in development.

The pay is very good as per industry standards, and a person who is employed can find challenging job roles to work in. The job would involve studying the software lifecycle, product lifecycles, maintenance and testing, development activities and much more. The person is expected to go through a lot of training and workshops to be updated with the current techniques. The person employed in this role will also be responsible for knowledge management within the team.

Most of the development activities could be for the clients, while some may be within the company. The software expert would be working in collaborating or embedding and creating connections between various functionalities of the aerospace departments. In aerospace, the departments are engine, seating, cabin, ground, and so on. Each individual part of the aircraft is considered as a department. Because of the complicated structure of the industry, the manpower required should also be experienced in that specific department.


Only qualified professionals can apply for a job in this industry. The minimum qualification required is a bachelor in engineering or bachelor in technical studies. If the person has a double master and has further specialized in avionics or aerospace, it is good, and these people can find jobs more easily. However, the minimum qualifications are still a back ground in technical education. To get into the aerospace industry, one has to put in a lot of years of vigorous study.

The track record should be very good, and the projects they have undertaken during their engineering course should also prove credibility. Everything is taken into consideration before the candidate is employed. The aerospace companies do conduct a lot of campus interviews, and employ people from universities who have freshly graduated as trainees or executive trainees.

They give them a stipend and provide a lot of on the job training and give them a chance to specialize in the department of their choice. For being an embedded systems programmer, one should have a good knowledge of the departments in the aerospace industry and software as well.

Education required is:

Bachelor of engineering- Mechanical, Electrical
Bachelor of Technical studies (B-tech)
Programming knowledge and experience in embedded systems


The job requires a lot of relational, logical and analytical functions, so the person who wants to take up this job role should have all these qualities. The person should be able to understand complete software lifecycle and its involvement and application to various departments. Only then can he or she relate and form a relation between them. The candidate is also expected to have some exposure to project management, and this needs some people management skills.

He or she should also be knowledgeable about model based development. Most of them will be working with a team of software experts and team work is essential. Problem reporting and solving is an integral part of the job, and the candidate should be able to do this well. The person should have extremely good coding and testing skills and for this the industry asks for exposure to project management.

Expected Salary (Monthly)

Beginner: $3500 to $4000
Mid Level: $5000- $5500
Expert: $5500- $6500

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