Avionics System Tester and Developer

Avionics is a part of the aerospace industry. The difference is that the avionics industry is more specific to the aircraft machinery and technology and requires specialization only in that branch of the studies.

Candidates who have specialized within the aviation industry can try for career options in the avionics industry. There is a global increase of commercial airlines in the world and the need for avionics experts has been increasing.

Many people are now vying for jobs in the aerospace and avionics industry because of the good pay and perks. This is easier said than done, as getting a career in the avionics industry requires one to work very hard.

Even airplanes use computers to control the aircrafts and the computers use extremely complicated software to control the aircraft system. Even factors like pressure within the aircraft, gas and other factors are all controlled by the computer.

An avionics tester and developer tests the systems that of the aircraft for accuracy of functionality and identifying the glitches in the software. This is a very responsible job and the programs have to be run several times before a glitch is identified. The job is sensitive because hundreds of lives depend on the accurate functioning of this software.


The Avionics industry is a technically oriented industry and the person choosing a career as an Avionics systems tester should be technically qualified and should also carry additional qualifications for future growth prospects. The job not only involves the technical side of work, but also customer support, marketing and other management responsibilities.

There are many professional courses in the industry that train you to be an avionics system tester and weaponry tester, other than the professional degrees that are required to get the job. However, the specific education required to be an avionics tester is getting a professional degree in Avionics engineering from a premier university.

The candidate should also have specialized in systems engineering while doing the avionics course. Additionally, a management course is beneficial because the person eventually has to take over project management as a part of the job. On the job training is provided but a degree in management always helps top fetch better positions in the company.

Education required is:

*Engineer of Avionics + Systems engineering specialization
MBA (Optional)
*Computer skills and knowledge
*Project experience
BS in related technical field a plus


The skills required in executing the avionics system tester and developer job is an excellent command of job knowledge and technical skills. The candidate should be thorough with the complete working of the machinery and should also be good with computer software and hardware knowledge. If the person is supposed to manage projects for the company, the candidate should have good people management skills.

Grasping power, attention to detail, and being goal oriented are the skills required on an interpersonal level. The avionics knowledge can be applied over a spectrum of industry like airline companies, cargo companies, oil and mining companies and many more. An avionics tester can earn up to $6500 monthly. However, some companies give a lower pay scale for trainees and starters in the industry.

To get a job as a program manager or a project manager in the avionics industry, the person should have relevant experience of 8 years in the industry, because for these kinds of jobs, the credibility is derived from the experience the candidate has.

The job knowledge a person gets on the job is considered with high regard in this industry. To be able to get maximum benefit as a trainee in this industry, the candidate should be extremely sharp and grasp as much as product and project experience as he or she can.

Expected Salary

Beginners: $3500 to $4500
Mid Level: $4200 to $5500
Experts: $6000 to $8000

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