Aerospace Multiple Software Engineer

Aerospace industry needs candidates who have knowledge about the machinery and the software that drives them.  Multiple software engineer require knowledge of more than one job role. For example, engineers involved in this job role would be working as program managers, engineers, and also designing software. Because of the multiple facets of this job, the engineer is termed as a multiple software engineer.

A person who has the knowledge of the machinery can analyze the problems related to the software of the machine much better than software engineers. One needs a lot of experience to be a multiple software engineer, and there are no beginner positions for this job. The minimum experience required is at least 4 to 5 years in the aerospace industry before a person gets to the position of multiple software engineers.

Many of these engineers are used onboard because of the sensitivity of the situation in an aircraft. A multiple software engineer will be required in large by airports, aircraft manufacturers, airlines and even NASA.

Most of the knowledge is derived from experience and one has to be very knowledgeable to acquire this job. It is an extremely responsible job, and the whole team will be dependent on this person’s accuracy and job knowledge for the proper functioning of the aircraft.


The person who is qualified for the job should have a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical or Mechanical degree or a Bachelor of computer science. This is the basic necessity of the job.

Though this job involves a lot of programming activities, technical knowledge is very essential and is applied in programming techniques. A lot of knowledge about the machinery in aircraft is derived from this basic knowledge, which is acquired through the technical course in college and experience.

Knowledge and working experience of at least 4 to 5 years in PLC software environment is a must for this job. The job role involves a mixture of expertise from both education and work knowledge. The college and the university records should show a lot of accomplishments and project experience to be considered for this job.

Qualified candidates for multiple software engineer can also use their expertise and education in mining, space craft technology and machinery companies. Usually, a person who is educated in this field is employed at high salaries, and is also in demand. This is a niche job from aerospace industry, and not everyone can acquire such jobs. The pay scales are excellent and they start at high salaries.

Education required

BS in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science
PLC software Knowledge
Computer networking knowledge


Candidates in the role of a multiple software engineer should hold multiple skills and have excellent communication skills. Most of the time, they will be working with a team of software engineers.  People management is also a major part of the job. The entire success of the team depends on the communication skills and team work of the software engineers.

In the aerospace industry, there are very few independent roles, and most of the work is always team work. Depending on the project management skills, the engineer can grow into bigger job roles and positions in the industry or within the organization. Other skills required are excellent software knowledge and programming skills. A good programmer will in turn have excellent logical, reasoning and mathematical skills.

Expected salary

Beginner: NA
Mid Level: NA
Expert: $80000- $120000 (Per annum)

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