Aviation Project Manager

With the growing power of internet managing, knowledge is not a big deal anymore. However, the entire aerospace industry is full of people whose core competence is technical and mechanical. Very few people have exposure to information technology.  This is a major gap in the industry, and is one which the industry experts are trying to bridge.  An information project manager has many responsibilities like records management, knowledge management, collaboration of information, and also develop business intelligence.

There is a tremendous need for project managers in the aerospace and aviation industries. Project managers can find job roles in the information management division of the company. There are many responsibilities in the information management department of the industry. Every job role and technical aspect of the industry have to be documented, information has to be managed, and more knowledge needs to be acquired.

The project manager usually works with a team that helps him execute all responsibilities. An aerospace company might be involved in developing many new projects like making new aircraft or adding new features to an existing aircraft. Each one of these is considered as a project, and a new team is employed.


To become a project manager in the aviation and aerospace industry, candidate should be experienced in the information systems of the information technology industry. A lot of technical experience or education is not required.  A degree in computer science is preferable though.

Candidates who have to work in this field are required to have tremendous industry knowledge.  It is recommended to do a course in aerospace technology to gain an understanding of the aerospace industry.

Unless a person is well educated in the workings of the aerospace or aviation companies, he cannot execute the required job role. The job would require an extensive amount of research and developing procedures, so it is ideal to take computer and internet course to polish research skills. These jobs are moderately paid and the industry standards of the aerospace and aviation are a slightly higher than any other industry.

Getting a PLC software education is also very beneficial for this job, as understanding multiple software is an added advantage in this job role. However, while studying it is not possible for one to plan for a certain job role, it only makes sense to do directional studies. This kind of education should be obtained after getting a job and then deciding if they are suited for this role.

Education required

Bachelor of computer sciences/ BSc computers
Information technology knowledge
Aerospace or aviation industry diploma


Skills required for the job of a project manager is that the candidate should possess exceptionally good research skills. He should also be able to document and apply the research knowledge. Candidates should be able to design projects and be good at spreading the layouts.  It is quite a unique role.  This job should not be confused with the project manager’s job on the engineering side.

This job involves lot of research and every project will have a team and the project manager will be responsible for content and knowledge management. Information system team is a part of every project, and they often handle multiple projects.

Every project in the airline industry will have a lot of documentation that needs to be done, and it also requires research material. Other than research ability, the person should also possess team building skills, excellent communication skills, leadership qualities, financial management skills and so on.

Expected salary (Monthly)

Beginner: $3500-$4000
Mid Level: $4500- $4600
Expert: $5000-$5500

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