Aerospace Software Engineer

Aerospace jobs require rigorous education.  Jobs in the aerospace industry need an extreme amount of depth and expertise on the person’s behalf.  Aspiring candidates need to complete double major in mechanical engineering, software systems or electrical engineering to become an Aerospace Expert. However, all that hard work pays off in the end. The job is not easy, and it always require working on critical problems and equipment.

In order to become a software engineer in aerospace, one has to major in aerospace first and after that acquire a single major in software engineering. The job involves handling software projects in development and implementation of aerospace software that can design mission critical equipment for the aerospace industry and design security systems for the defense industry. The various companies that would employ the software engineers are Aircraft companies, airports, defense, and airlines.

Most of the jobs in this industry are well paid, and one does not have to worry financially once they land a job. There is an increase in the demand for aerospace industry professionals, as experienced expertise has moved on to different industries where these experts are needed. Airlines are the biggest employers of such experts in all the countries.


One has to study a lot to be a part of the aerospace industry. The minimum qualification required is engineering or an equivalent professional education. Aircraft is a jumble of electrical, mechanical and computers. So a person should have studied at least one of these components in their professional course in order to be able to relate to the equipment used inside the aircraft.

There has been a rise in demand for software aerospace professionals who are equipped with the knowledge of software and the aerospace industry. Only these people are capable of bridging the gap between the hardcore technology that the industry involves and the software that is required to manage the equipment. Professionals who were qualified in both were difficult to find until colleges and universities started teaming up the computer knowledge as a part of the professional engineering courses that they were offering.

Many of the new courses in aerospace and engineering have a double degree which involves software programming knowledge. This is typically split into six months theoretical studies and six months of practical knowledge and usually happens towards the end of the course. Candidates who are choosing a career in the aerospace industry are advised to choose a project in the companies that make aircraft or in airlines.

Education required is

Bachelor of engineering in mechanical/electrical/ software
Double major in Aerospace
Software knowledge
Computer programming knowledge


A software engineer in the aerospace industry should have excellent analytical skills and a logical deduction ability. He should be able to identify problems and find solutions quickly. The reasoning ability in the person should be exceptional. The industry knowledge is pivotal to growing in the career and should also be good at knowledge application. These skills are extremely important for grow in the industry.

A software engineer can have a cross platform career and can work in any engineering company using this expertise. However, one should keep in mind that the aerospace industry pay is much higher than the other industries because of the criticality of the job. It can also be an interesting and a challenging job.

A lot of training is provided and the person is also expected to constantly update himself by attending workshops and learning the latest techniques. This is a very important part of the job. The job would also involve travel to client sites.

Expected salary (Monthly)

Beginner: $4500 to $5200
Mid Level: $5000 to $6000
Expert: $6000 to $7200

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