Your First Job Hunt

Getting a good job right after college is usually the preferred option for fresh graduates, while few would opt to have a short vacation or study more.   Fresh graduates often visit companies to increase the chances of being hired.

The technique of getting the attention of many companies as you can might usually not work. Getting a good job after college is not just window shopping wherein you take a look at their offers and ignore them. In times of economic struggle, there is no time to treat job hunting as a mere after noon activity. You need to treat your job hunting as a full time job.

Heavy competition for available jobs will compel you to put as much effort as you can to get noticed and eventually be hired. Providing a half-hearted dedication to job hunting will never assure you of a good job. You might end up with a dead end career if you lack the willingness to aim for something better.

Full Time Research

Getting hired is not just showing up to your preferred company with a resume and cover letter. As you provide information to your potential employer, you are required to have a little bit of knowledge about the company.  Do not just settle in knowing what the do in the industry. Look for additional information such as their overall impact in the industry, their position on certain things and their unique characteristic that made them successful. If you give enough time in looking for a job, you give yourself ample time to know more about the companies you are trying to work for.


One of the best benefits of working really hard on finding a good job is your increased dedication to meet more people that will help you find a good job. Your network could easily increase as you know more and more people who are more than willing to assist you land a job. Your free time could be used connecting online or talking to the person that might help you land a job.

The role of networking is increasing in importance since companies are getting more selective of their employee. They want someone who is known by someone they could trust. Although you could still present yourself as a capable for the position, networking could give you an advantage especially when others who are competing have the same qualification.

Avoid Stress

But even though you are required to be full time in looking for a good job, do not stress yourself out. Stress could only diminish your chances of getting hired and will defeat the purpose of working really hard to land a job.

Even if you are busy most of the time, give yourself enough sleep, regular meals and regular exercise to keep your body and mind healthy for your new interviews and ultimately, your first job.

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