IT Infrastructure Engineers

IT Infrastructure Engineers Job Overview

IT Infrastructure Engineers are in charge of the hardware components of the network and other devices within the business setting. They practically support the whole IT department as these engineers ensure that connectivity within the local area network is possible as well as the company’s internet connection.

They constantly check the performance of the server, the configuration of the network and constantly ensure that every computer is connected to the network. They are also in charge of updating the hardware components of the network and server. And in case something goes wrong with the network, IT infrastructure engineer troubleshoots the network and tries to come up with a solution as soon as possible.

Aside from these tasks, IT Infrastructure Engineer should also have the knowledge of designing the network from the scratch. IT Infrastructure Engineers always has a challenging task since the IT infrastructure will be the foundation of any business structure.

Whether a business is online or not, IT Infrastructure Engineers ensures that interoffice communication, internet connection and even phone calls and proper routing will be working as expected. Without the IT Infrastructure Engineer, the IT Infrastructure may not have the right configuration to ensure flow of information as well as security within the network environment.

IT Infrastructure Engineers usually works with the managers to determine the budget and the intended design of the infrastructure in order for the infrastructure to work for the business as expected.

IT Infrastructure Engineers Education Requirements

A degree either in Information Technology, Engineering, or Computer Sciences is usually a must for IT Infrastructure Engineers. These degrees will prepare the candidate to tackle the challenges of IT infrastructure. Keen knowledge of the network, its hardware components, basic applications and even simple techniques in properly implementing a network is discussed in the above mentioned degrees.

IT Infrastructure Engineers may also be required to be certified in network configuration. There are different certifications that an aspiring IT Infrastructure Engineer should have. Among them are the following:

  • CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)
  • CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional)
  • CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) or
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE).

Aspiring IT Infrastructure Engineer could have more than one certification to prove their proficiency of certain IT Infrastructures.

On the other hand, companies today are not only looking for education. It is a common trend for companies to require experience from their IT Infrastructure Engineers. Knowledge in the classroom is often not the same with what is actually practiced.

That is why companies would accept candidates who had an extensive education and certification and they would also accept a candidate that has an extensive background in IT Infrastructure (usually more than 5 years) even without any certification.

IT Infrastructure Engineers Qualification:

  • Degree in Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science 
  • Certification for Network Professionals

IT Infrastructure Engineers Skills:

IT Infrastructure Engineers should have keen understanding of different network configurations. Although the hardware component remains the same in every network, there are different applications that deal with these hardware components. IT Infrastructure Engineers should be familiar to each application. Being certified ensures that skill for IT Infrastructure Engineers.

Aside from knowledge in network design and configuration, there are companies that require IT Infrastructure Engineers to have the physical capability to lift 50 lbs. Additional physical requirement could also be the ability to climb a ladder with ease.

These requirements are justifiable since IT Infrastructure Engineer is not necessarily found behind desks. They are usually found working on the network and servers. For large scale companies, that could mean climbing ladders as well as lifting equipment.

Excellent oral and written communication skills may also be required for IT Infrastructure Engineers. They will be working within a business environment and to be able to perform well, IT Infrastructure Engineers should have the ability to express themselves effectively in writing and speaking.

IT Infrastructure Engineers Expected Salary

  • Beginners: $3000
  • Mid level: $4500
  • Expert: $6500 or more

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